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top environmental startups of 2021 top environmental startups of 2021


Fastest Growing Green Startups of 2021

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The issue


Apeel sciences


The bottom line

The issue

Ecology is one of the most pressing problems of the 21st century. More often we hear calls for the preservation of nature and the maintenance of ecology. Social entrepreneurs are trying to create an industry that can push humanity to solve global environmental problems. Many businesses go green with the goal of not doing much harm to the environment. Some do it to attract the attention of customers to their brand. But regardless of all this, ecology really needs fundamentally new solutions from the side of innovations and technologies.

Green startups have truly taken over the world in the past few years. From the use of alternative energy sources to the use of recycling – all of this is done by green startups. In many countries, green movements are not yet developed or there is no sufficient support from the state.

The thing is we all should understand that everyone is responsible for the future of our planet. In the 21st century, we are used to delegating daily routines. For example, writing papers, but then questioning ourselves: are essay writing services ethical. Here the situation is pretty simple, people think the government is responsible, the green movements are in charge, but the fact is that we are all in it. We have to take care of our planet and apply the most modern solutions. In this article, we will highlight the fastest-growing green startups of 2021.


Fuergy AI device
Source: Medium

The next green startup we’ll look at is Fuergy, a Slovak company founded in 2018. The startup’s mission is to change the way electricity is used and distributed. And also to accelerate the transition to the use of alternative types of energy. Fuergy solutions are based on artificial intelligence. One of their products is brAIn’s AI-powered hardware design. With this solution, people can optimize their energy consumption and reduce costs.

Indeed, many users find it difficult to figure out how to use alternative and more profitable energy sources. Fuergy, powered by AI technology, solves all problems for its users and provides more pasture and green energy use cases.

There are already several large startups on the market that work with such technologies. For example, the Australian Power Ledger uses blockchain technology to trade electricity often mentioning the importance of the best crypto hardware wallet.


Facedrive is a Canadian company founded in 2016. Their business is primarily about carsharing. The company focuses on sustainable transportation and is committed to saving the planet. Facedrive is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Drivers can choose between an electric, hybrid or gas vehicle, as indicated on the company’s website.

Facedrive’s mission is to support sustainable urban development. It is redefining the way people think about grocery delivery, travel and e-commerce. The startup fully understands the importance of sustainability. Since the company was founded, the most important goal has been to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That is why Facedrive contributes to the cultivation of trees with every ride. For example, in 2019, more than 4,000 trees were planted at the initiative of the company.

The use process is very simple. The company has two apps, one for customers and the other for drivers. Algorithms in the app calculate the approximate CO2 emissions for each trip. As a result, it shows the equivalent value. In addition, if you use the app as a driver, then you have a choice of electric cars, hybrid cars or conventional cars. The user fee is also calculated based on the environmental friendliness of the vehicle used.


Northvolt plant
Source: PV-Magazine

Northvolt AB is a Swedish startup founded in 2016. The company specializes in the production of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. The startup was created by two former Tesla employees. The startup idea is similar to that of Fuergy. The company’s focus is on the transition to renewable energy sources. For this, the company is engaged in the production of environmentally friendly lithium-ion batteries. Further, such batteries are supplied for Siemens or BMW.

The startup recently raised $1 billion. Soon Northvolt is slated to commission the Northvolt Ett gigawatt battery plant, which is planned as a valuable waste processing building. As many people know, Sweden is a leader in this field and even buys waste for recycling from other countries.

Apeel sciences

vegetable shell

The next startup we’d like to tell you about is a California-based company founded in 2012. The goal of the startup is to extend the life of fruits by using a tasteless edible vegetable shell. This process is based on adding a flavorless protective layer made from extracted materials to the fruit. It retains moisture and does not allow oxygen to pass through. This helps the fruit stay fresh longer.

Apeel Sciences is confident that fruits with natural peels such as lemons, apples, etc. stay fresh for much longer than those without peels. That is why strawberries do not retain their beautiful and tasty appearance for a long time compared to an orange. This solution is absolutely innovative in the food industry. On average, thanks to this artificial layer, fruits retain their freshness 2 times longer.

The bottom line

Indeed, over the past 10 years, people have begun to think more and more about ecology. Of course, not only these startups are fighting to preserve the environment on our planet, but large corporations also contribute. Many are already setting deadlines by which they would like to reduce their carbon emissions from global warming. Think about it and consider the products offered by the fastest-growing green startups.

Kayla Matthews is a green tech and smart energy writer. Her work has appeared on VICE, Electrical Contractor Mag., The Week and others.

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