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Digital campaign launched to help shoppers reduce food waste



Electrical retailer has unveiled a new campaign designed to help tackle the food waste epidemic in the UK, currently costing the country an estimated £19bn every year.

The campaign centres around an interactive platform entitled “A Wasteless Journey” that takes consumers through an average shopping trip, from picking up products to preparing them that evening. Throughout the fun journey, the consumer is given tips on how to keep waste to a minimum.

On average, food waste is costing households £470 a year, increased to £700 for a larger family – the equivalent to a holiday or the latest gadget to add to the home.

However, between 2007 and 2012 there has been a 21% reduction in food waste – the equivalent of 23 million black bins filled with food.

To support this progress, electrical retailer has developed its interactive project to help consumers save money with their food purchases. When the equivalent of a whole fridge full of food is at stake, a simple change in lifestyle can just be what is needed.

With a downloadable meal planner, tips on food labels, an array of recipes to try, plus a guide on what you can freeze, AO have thought of everything to help prevent waste and save cash.

Andrew Kirkcaldy, Head of Brand at, has commented: “Food waste is a big problem, and it’s one that is so easy to ignore, especially with supermarket shelves packed high with affordable items. However, a few changes to the way you shop for food, and use it once it’s in your kitchen, can ensure you get the most from your weekly shop.

“Our Waste-less Journey piece is a one stop destination if you are looking for handy tips on how to save money and reduce waste, helping the food in your shopping basket go further every time.”

The waste-less food journey can be followed here:



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