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Organic Sheets Are an Affordable Luxury



A good night’s sleep isn’t something that should be restricted to those who can pay top dollar for it. Although quality sheets are one of the most important components of a comfortable bed, many people believe that quality bedding is a luxury they can’t afford. Organic cotton bed sheets, however, can be a surprisingly cost-effective choice.

Quality and Comfort

Big box sheet sets are a popular choice for many people, but they are usually made out of cheap cotton that isn’t organic. These sheets can turn out to be rough, scratchy, or bad at controlling heat, leaving either you too hot or too cold. Higher quality cotton, however, is smooth, soft, extremely comfortable, and better at regulating temperature, making organic cotton sheets a good first step on your way to great night’s sleep.


Although luxurious organic cotton sets can cost more than generic ones, they also tend to be more durable. Some common sheet sets can deteriorate to the point where they become unusable in under twelve months, while higher quality cotton can have a lifespan of five years or more. Although cheap cotton might seem like a more affordable choice in the short term, don’t forget to consider the cost of replacing it over and over again in the long term.

Affordable Cotton Sheet

Great Deals

Finally, even though cheaper sets often seem like the best deal, in many cases you are paying more than the sheets are worth. The vast majority of retailers are not the original manufacturers, and they must compensate for the costs of middlemen and marketing by increasing their prices. By purchasing directly from the maker, however, you can get a better deal while also ensuring that your sheets are both organic and ethically made.

Your sleep should be important to you, and the sheets that you choose are a huge part of making your nights better. Organic cotton bed sheets aren’t just for the wealthy anymore—more and more ordinary people are discovering the affordable luxury that quality sheets can provide.

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