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5 Sustainable Ways To Upgrade Your Routine For Better Sleep

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Chances that you might have spent countless nights rolling from one corner to another because the holy spirit of dreamless sleep constantly evades you. There are many reasons why you are unable to get decent shut-eye. Some of them are, stress, anxiety, irregular body functions and believe it or not, inorganic materials used in your bed.

You might not like it now but the toxins in the conventional materials used for making beds and bedding accessories tend to have an impact on our minds and body since bed is the only furniture with which we are in such close contact with every day. It doesn’t matter how wide a king size bed or how wide a cal king size is but it is a matter of importance to how organic your king-sized bed is.

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For instance, the cotton used in your bed linens and mattresses has the highest percentage of pesticides as they are more prone to attach by the external loci like insects and so on. Imagine the amount of pesticide you are breathing in while you are sleeping.

Companies today are switching to more environment-friendly alternatives called the eco sleep enhancers or sustainable sleep solutions. Nowadays, these are being sold as direct-to-consumer products from high-quality online retailers like Resident which is making the option of choosing sustainable easier by cutting off the middle man. Here are some 5 sustainable ways for you to upgrade your schedule for better sleep.

Use Climate Friendly Sheets

Though sleep researchers and healthcare experts emphasize on changing your bedding frequently, the ecological impact of this discarding activity runs into trillions of pounds of waste textile filling up the landfills. This problem can be countered by switching over to climate-friendly sheets that can be easily recyclable

Switch to Eco-Friendly Mattress

What is an eco-friendly mattress? It is an organic mattress made from natural and substances that are non-toxic to your body as well as the environment. Such mattresses are devoid of any synthetic substances.

Since these are made from natural substances, it mimics the adaptability of the organically occurring substances in nature and adapts to the ecological environment. In the case of mattresses, they help keep our bodies warm during winters and cool during summers. A cooling memory foam mattress with a breathable top layer from brands like Nectar can be another option to help regulate body temperature.

Conventional mattresses rely on petroleum-based polyurethane foam, chemical adhesives, pesticides, toxic fire repellent and many more which can wreak havoc on our bodies. Natural mattresses are made from organic cotton & wool and natural latex. They should also be compliant to GOTS certificate. Most mattresses are cruelty-free and 100% vegan as well.

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Though it is a bit tricky to get the right sustainable pillow for yourself online, with the right guidance, it is a task that can be fulfilled. A true organic pillow must fulfill the following criteria in order to be labeled as sustainable.

  • Have superior quality raw materials like foams and fibers.
  • Contain environmentally friendly foams, 100% natural latex or organic fibers
  • Biodegradable
  • Cost-efficient because there is no middle man involved

Some of the natural materials like Kapok fiber is the perfect example of an organic pillow’s raw material. It is a highly fibrous substance, similar to cotton which grows around the seeds of the ceiba tree. Evidently, it is more sustainable than household cotton.

Certifications are yet another aspect that you should look out for while pillow shopping. Some of the certifications to abide by in the U.S are as follows:

  • CertiPUR- US certification
  • eco-INSTITUT certification
  • USDA organic certification
  • Global Organic Latex Standard
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification
  • GREENGUARD Gold certification
  • Global Organic Textile Standard


Today the textile industry is being taken by a storm by the concept of sustainable clothing. Today, the mindset to be ecologically compliant has many people opting for conscious clothing. Sleepwear too is affected by the sustainable wave and all for good reasons. Since your body relaxes while asleep, it is necessary for skin to breathe easy for the healthy development of skin cells.

Organic clothes have no toxins associated with their manufacturing and are also biodegradable which makes them ecologically sustainable. Some clothes are made of organic silk, some are made out of 100% organic cotton which helps the body stay cool during summers and leave no abrasions on the skin either. They also avoid harmful chemical dyes to color their clothes and go for more natural alternatives.

Eco-Friendly Sleep Furniture

As the name suggests, green furniture is the eco-friendly version of the conventional furniture pieces. For instance, beds can be made from sustainable wood. Though they are priced at the higher spectrum, there are small tweaks that everyone can adopt to go green with their furniture. Some of the tips to abide by green furniture are:

  • Choose furniture made from reclaimed materials. This helps recycle materials and reduce wastage.
  • Furniture made from certified sustainable wood.
  • Use recycled metal or plastic. These materials can be used as binding agents.
  • Buy furniture that is flexible and can be easily fixed.
  • Lox toxic furniture pieces.
  • Use alternatives like bamboo.

You can look for some area rugs on sale online from top tier brands and pair it up with your bed to give your room an aesthetic look which is backed by sustainability.

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Advantages of Going Au Naturale

Here are the benefits of deploying sustainable methods for your sleeping schedule;

Toxin Free

As discussed before, organic sleep accessories are made from naturally occurring substances that do not have any toxic material.


While you are sleeping on organic mattresses or using natural sheets, you are also contributing to a greener environment as these materials can be easily degradable. The natural latex mattress is comfortable as well as sustainable since latex is made by tapping rubber trees instead of cutting them down.


Those who suffer from allergies can breathe a sigh of relief if they switch over to natural mattresses. Since most allergies are caused by synthetic elements like pesticides or chemical substances, eco-friendly bed accessories easily slash the chance of sleepless nights as a result of allergies.

Improves Skin Health

Skin comes in direct contact with pillows, mattresses, linens, and blankets. It is only understandable that your skin will be most affected once it comes in contact with the toxins present in your bedroom accessories. By using sustainable materials, your skin remains protected against the abrasion of inorganic substances.

Maximum Support

Eco-friendly mattresses, especially the natural latex mattress provide the perfect lumbar as well as spinal support as they easily adjust to the shape of the sleeper’s body.


Healthy sleep is no laughing matter and should be catered to very intricately as it can impact our physical as well as mental well-being. By moving over to sustainable sleep solutions, we guarantee our bodies a healthy sleep, breathing in the natural elements. Not to mention these biodegradable options will also play an important role in conserving the environment.

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