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Top articles of June 2014



Vegan meals at the University of Oxford topped our articles in June, followed by rising sea levels uncovering Japanese war dead.

University of Oxford college votes for vegan meals to help fight climate change

Jemma Collins: Wadham College at the University of Oxford has passed a motion to ban meat products and only serve vegan food for five nights a week on campus. Read more.

Rising sea levels uncover Japanese war dead in Marshall Islands

Ilaria Bertini: High tides in the Marshall Islands have exposed the graves of 26 Japanese soldiers who died during the second world war. The country’s foreign minister noted that “even the dead are affected” by climate change. Read more.

Vast ice structures discovered beneath Greenland ice sheet

Tom Revell: Far beneath the flat, tranquil surface of northern Greenland’s ice sheet, scientists have discovered vast ice structures as tall as skyscrapers and as wide as the island of Manhattan. Read more.

Huge underground ‘ocean’ discovered near Earth’s core

Tom Revell: Geologists have discovered evidence of a vast underground ocean deep beneath the Earth’s surface, in a breakthrough that may change our understanding of the history of the planet. Read more.

Great British Bee Count: scientists ask public to help ‘save bees’ with smartphone app

Ilaria Bertini: The public has been invited to download a free smartphone app that allows them to count and identify bees. It is hoped that the data will help scientists and the National Biodiversity Network monitor the species more effectively. Read more.

Photo: Matt Werner via Flickr

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