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Future water demand will outstrip supply

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Unless there is a change in how we use water, then droughts could start to happen more often because of a growth in population and climate change putting pressure on our resources. Charlotte Reid has more.

The demand for water is likely to outstrip supply across England unless there is an overhaul of the current water management system.

Two new reports called The Case for Change – Current and Future Water Availability and The Case for Change – reforming water abstraction management in England, have warned that the future demand for water is likely to outstrip supply across England.

The reports have been written to support the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) Water White Paper, which is to make the future of water management more secure.

The Current and Future Water Availability report by the Environment Agency says that water resources are already under pressure and that in the future the south and the east of England, who experience droughts more often, will suffer more because of a population increase.

Also, these problems will no longer be limited to the south and the east of England, as it will extend to Wales, the south west and northern England.

The Reforming Water Abstraction Management in England report, which was jointly written by the Environment Agency and water regulation authority Ofwat, says that the current water management system being used will not be able to supply water efficiently in the future.

Just last week, it was announced that work is already underway to prevent parts of England from experiencing droughts next summer, but it seems possible that droughts lasting 12-18 months could become common.

The main point of Defra’s Water White Paper, which was released on December 8th, is to make water companies, businesses and customers realise they need value water and the importance that it has on the environment and to safeguard our water supplies for the next generation.

If you want to look at better options for water companies then Wessex Water and water-only companies (Bristol, Cambridge, Dee Valley, Portsmouth, Sembcorp Bournemouth, South East and South Staffs) all get a clean bill of water health from Ofwat.

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