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Which? energy suppliers top the tables?

Which? energy suppliers top the tables?

After coming out on top of the annual Which? customer satisfaction survey this year, Graeme Rushin, head of customer care at 100% renewable energy supplier, Good Energy, explains what makes its team so good.

It may be icy outside but we’ve got some heart-warming news. We’re very proud that Good Energy has topped the Which? annual Customer Satisfaction Survey for energy suppliers for a second time.

In the midst of the media furore about the ‘big six’, we think this proves that small companies like ours offer a great alternative choice, and that being an ethical company doesn’t mean sacrificing quality in other areas of the business.  

Over 8,000 energy users across the UK took part in the Which? survey this month, rating the energy suppliers on categories such as energy efficiency advice and likelihood of recommending their supplier to a friend.  

Good Energy scored highest with 84%, followed by other small suppliers. The ‘Big 6’ ranked in the bottom half of the table.

So what do we think makes our Customer Care team award-winning?

Mira-Sophie, one of our customer care advisors, says, “It’s great working with my colleagues because they’re so bright and switched on about environmental issues.

Their backgrounds range from economics to geography to sociology.

They’re very adaptable and hard-working – like in a busy kitchen, if you’ve got lots of customers you step up and do the best you can. It’s really great, but we definitely work hard.

We always try to go that extra mile for the customer, and we’re constantly aware of the reason we’re doing it: we’re not just a business out solely for profit”.

Our customer care advisors are up to speed in everything from renewables to generating your own electricity, so they’re able to do much more than simply solve problems. They’re also trained in energy efficiency to a standard endorsed by the Energy Savings Trust.

Having our energy efficiency advice endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust is not only a solid industry stamp of approval for our service, it’s really important for our customers too”, explains Beverley Hockley, our customer care team leader.

It’s a rare thing when a company actively encourages people to use less of their product, but we understand that our customers want to save money, reduce their carbon footprint and still remain cosy and comfortable in their homes“.

The survey also took into account fundamentals such as value for money and accuracy of bills.

We’re confident that our overall customer satisfaction has been boosted by maintaining stable electricity prices since 2009.

Our unique commitment to renewables means the relationship we have with our customers is extremely important”, explains Juliet Davenport, Good Energy’s CEO.   

Inspiring them with our vision for a future powered purely by green energy as well as delivering a high quality, reliable service is vital; a key aspect of achieving this has been our price stability.

We’ve been able to keep our electricity prices steady for almost three years – no mean feat when all the major energy suppliers were raising theirs – and this has helped us ensure green energy is more accessible for everyone.

We think our score of 84% – a big improvement on our previous win of 79% – reflects that our customers feel appreciated, together with our consistent approach to pricing”.

It’s a good result, but we’re certainly not putting our feet up yet.

We want our customer service to be even better and we have a plan for the next few years to help achieve that.

Recently we brought all customer operations under one umbrella, and are now focusing on helping departments work together more closely.

This should mean that issues falling between teams are resolved faster and more efficiently.

With Juliet also picking up two awards this month at the People and Environment Achievement Awards, it’s been a great start to what will hopefully be a great year.

Good Energy can help you convert your home into a renewable one. Contact them to find out how to do so.

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