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Amber Rudd energy policy reset: round up

Amber Rudd by DECC via flickr

Amber Rudd: “Tough on subsidies. Concentrating on technologies that will deliver at scale. New gas replacing coal. Getting new nuclear off the ground. Reducing the costs of offshore wind. And unleashing innovation to discover the clean and cheap technologies of tomorrow.” The world’s first industrialised nation to end coal-powered generation is sending a strong signal ahead of the UN Climate summit in Paris. But is it strong enough and is it the right signal? The UK is either: “an alcoholic switching from two bottles of whisky a day to two bottles of port” or it: “can hold its head up at the global climate change negotiations.”

Before the speech – reactions to gas replacing coal. Read more.

Vice President Al Gore said: “The decision by Prime Minister David Cameron  to phase out the United Kingdom’s unabated coal power stations by 2025 sets an excellent and inspiring precedent as we head into COP21.

The speech. Read more.

Amber Rudd: “Our modern society simply cannot function without power. Energy security has to be the number one priority. But no responsible government should take a risk on climate change either. Because it’s one of the greatest long-term threats to our economic security.”

After the speech. Read more.

Friends of the Earth: “Phasing out coal – if that’s what’s being suggested – is essential for the climate. But switching from coal to gas is like an alcoholic switching from two bottles of whisky a day to two bottles of port.”

After(math) the speech. Read more.

Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group: “the UK can hold its head up at the global climate change negotiations held in Paris at the end of the month. She has delivered both a timetable to end unabated coal, and a positive vision for the role offshore wind can play, giving a strong signal about the UK’s commitment to decarbonisation.”


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