Yesterday’s Headlines 29/06/2016


Yesterday’s headlines included the reveal of GUPES Green Gown Awards 2016 finalists, an announcement that the UK will remain an international leader of climate change, and a call for Britain’s Government to utilise renewable energy. For all of yesterday’s headlines read below.

SCCS Respond to Carbon Capture and Storage Report

Bright Blue Urge Next PM to Prioritise Envrionment

Government Should Utilise Onshore Wind After Brexit, Says Hugh McNeal

Niall Stuart Urges Government to Keep Scottish Renewable Promises

UK Won’t “Step Back” From Climate Change Fight

Funding Circle Can Help Businesses Raise Finance

Greenpeace Respond to Speeches on Britain’s Climate

Green Alliance Welcome Amber Rudd’s Climate Vision

Pure Leapfrog Consider Community Energy Future

IIGCC Respond to UK Climate Secretary’s Speech

Study Suggests Paris Agreement Targets Need Improvements

Rankings Reveal Britain’s Behind on Social Progress