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Just 180 crowdfunders pledging £50 will send us over our target



We have 75,000 readers, so we need just a quarter of one percent to say ‘yes’ to film our Sustainable September events, creating a permanent record of the debates and conference. We get diddly squat if we don’t hit the magical £10,000 mark by the 16th September.

A donation of just £10 allows us to plant a tree and goes towards filming Sustainable September, in addition to getting your name in the event booklet.

A £5,000 pledge means a bunch of tickets for you and friends, an invite to VIP drinks and the role of executive producer of the filmed events. This would be great for an organisation or individual seeking a high profile – your name would be in lights forever.

There’s also everything in between from tickets to the events, t-shirts, hoodies, posters, marketing campaigns or a soapbox to tell our readers what you think.

Help us to spread the word of sustainability by joining our crowd today. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than the ping of an email from Crowdfunder telling us someone new has pledged.

Watch the video and pledge here if you can.

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