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5 Ways To Use Green Living To Make a Living



If you currently are a bit worried about the future of the planet for environmental reasons, you are not alone. However, if you really want to make a difference with regard to green living culture, why not consider mixing your passion with your profession?

And to do that, all you have to do is figure out a way to use green living to make a living! The following five ways will help illustrate how this is possible in modern times.

Get Into the Solar Power Field

One of the biggest industries in the field of green living right now is the solar power field. So, that will automatically translate into the fact that if you want to make a difference, find out how to get a job in the solar industry. There’s the technical and design aspect of the technology, and then there’s the sales jobs; whichever one is most suited to your background or basic desires would be the best direction to start in.

Think About Organic Farming

Another good field to get into as far as living green goes would the be organic farm industry. If you look up farming job opportunities, you’ll see that there are a great many different types of vocations available – everything from driving tractors to designing storehouses to marketing. Really, you could probably pick almost any job and just find out how it relates to farming, and then find an organic company that could fit you into its folds.

Create a Green Living Blog

There are ways to make a career out of blogging for a living, so it follow that if you want to make money blogging about environmental issues, why not give it a shot? It’s a difficult job being a successful blogger, but also very rewarding, especially if you’re a champion of social issues that are currently affecting our world. Find some successful bloggers and ask if they have any advice for you as far as your specialization goes.

Find a Green Niche in a Common Sales Job

If you’ve already worked in sales, then why wouldn’t you be able to work in green sales? Think of the opportunities. There are the aforementioned posts in solar energy and farming, but there are also things like energy efficient appliances, and even thing like electric car sales.

Start a Green YouTube Channel

Finally, consider the possibilities of a green YouTube channel. There is a good amount of revenue available for people willing to put in the time and the effort, and because it’s a good cause, advertisers would be more likely to pick up costs in terms of sponsorship efforts as well.


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