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Green deal assessments near 19,000 mark since January



A recent survey said one in five homeowners in Britain feel their homes are too cold. But an increasing number of people are looking to combat this by opting for the government’s flagship energy efficiency scheme, with nearly 19,000 green deal assessments conducted since January.

The green deal, which launched on January 28, is an attempt to tackle energy efficiency barriers that face British homeowners. The scheme aims to reduce the overall cost of energy bills by recommending property efficiency and insulation measures.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change’s (DECC) third round of statistics on the green deal shows a 27% increase in assessments over the previous month.

By April, only 9,522 had been carried out. But a recent spike has seen that figure increase to 18,816.

“It’s still early days for this long term initiative, but this is a clear sign of growing interest from consumers, with people keen to improve the efficiency of their homes to make them warmer and help save money on bills”, said energy and climate change minister Greg Barker.

“As the number of householders getting on board continues to rise, the number of businesses offering green deal services is also building momentum.”

“It’s fantastic to see householders and businesses cottoning on to the benefits and rising to the challenge.”

You can read more how on the green deal works on the government’s website.

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