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New Alquity ISA focuses on a sustainable future for children



Making a sustainable investment is all about considering the effect your money will have in areas other than your bank balance. One particular area of importance lies in the future we pave for our children.

The Alquity Group has introduced a way to make steps in ensuring our children’s futures are more secure by launching the Alquity Child ISA – “a revolutionary way to invest in your child’s future, financially and sustainably.”

Whether the ISA will go towards those increasing university fees or even a new car, Patrick Muir, head of marketing at Alquity, described it as an important aspect in demonstrating what the group has to offer.

“It made sense to put in place something for growth in the long-term”, he says.

“It is unique and helps towards making regions of Africa become stronger.”

A child ISA is a long-term investment that provides long-term growth potential. By investing £3,600 annually, or up to £250 a month, into the Alquity Child ISA, you will also be investing in the Alquity Africa Fund to help an area that is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing regions in the world.

Even in the current tough economic market, Alquity has invested $20m since launching the Africa Fund two years ago.

“We are active is raising money for the area as investors and customers are both seeing the long-term potential of Africa”, explains Muir.

With the group’s name being conceived through the blending of the nouns ‘altruism’ and ‘equity’, its unique approach to sustainability sees a donation of 25% of its net management fees going towards funding for microfinance schemes designed to support the parts of Africa that need it the most.

As previously reported by Blue & Green Tomorrow, Alquity is involved in extensive work in Africa -investing sustainably to help both investors and the local people alike.

You can find out more about investing with a conscience by looking at our recent Guide to Sustainable Investment, which should provide ample information about a growing investment style.

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