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UK tech companies to explore green manufacturing in China



Several innovative UK technology companies have won a business opportunity to visit China to explore greener approaches to manufacturing.

The six-day mission was organised by the Technology Strategy Board, together with the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China. The mission is designed to encourage collaboration on research, development and innovation between businesses and could improve China’s manufacturing capabilities and sustainability.

The Chinese government has recently pushed through a number of incentives and increased its domestic solar target in a bid to become more sustainable. In Ernst & Young’s cleantech industry performance report, China was ranked as the second most attractive place for renewable energy, falling just behind the US.

Companies going to China include a developer of hydrogen fuel cells, a filter manufacturer that uses 3D printing and a research and development centre using sodium batteries to replace conventional energy power.

Each company was chosen for excellence in areas such as alternative, greener substances in manufacturing and lower energy consumption over a product lifecycle.

David Bott, director of innovation programmes at the Technology Strategy Board, said, “The goal of this mission is to provide companies with the necessary know-how, connections and inspiration to help improve and accelerate opportunities with potential customers and partners.

“The UK and China are two of the world’s largest manufacturers. This mission marks a new chapter in the relationship between the two countries, focused on sustainable manufacturing and the transformation to a green economy.”

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