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5 Great Topics for Research Papers on Global Sustainability Issues

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Are you being asked to write a research paper for school? If you have the autonomy to choose your topic, you should consider writing a research paper about sustainability and environmentalism.

Environmental concerns have become much more critical in recent years. In 2021, 50% of Americans felt that the environment should be the top priority, while only 42% felt the economy should be the top priority. In 2010, 53% of Americans wanted to prioritize the economy, and only 38% favored the environment.

Since Americans are more concerned than ever about the state of the environment, they want to hear research about various environmental issues. Therefore, you should use your research paper to educate them further. You can also hire WriteEssayForMe to create it for you.

Tree restoration ideas and opportunities

Tree restoration has become a vital topic in environmental circles. It shouldn’t come as a surprise because trees are vital to our ecosystem. They play an essential role in regulating carbon dioxide and making sure that we get sufficient oxygen in the atmosphere.

You could consider writing a research paper about new ideas for tree restoration. One of the most popular recent research papers in the sustainability field gave a comprehensive overview of this very subject.

However, you could consider taking a much more specific approach. For example, your research paper could cover one of the following research topics about tree restoration:               *

  • Whether trees should be planted across large geographic areas or whether it is acceptable to concentrate them in one area
  • The types of trees that should be prioritized in tree restoration programs
  • Necessary investments to ensure tree restoration programs are successful

There are so many possible things to focus on in a research paper about tree restoration. You will want to make sure that you identify a unique topic in this area, because there are so many possible things to cover.

Renewable energy challenges in the developing world

Developing economies are making many significant contributions to the rest of the world. Some of them have already made significant new technological advances. However, developing economies are also beginning to have much larger carbon footprints.

This means that and they will need to make investments in renewable energy and other sustainability changes. But, unfortunately, this is going to be a lot easier said than done because developing economies face and number of major logistical challenges as they try to scale their efforts to Investing renewable energy.

You may want to write a research paper about renewable energy issues in the developing world. There are a lot of different approaches that you can take. For example, you could focus on this specific country and the steps it can take to improve its focus on renewable energy. You could also talk about the importance of having more developed nations invest in renewable energy projects in those countries. Another topic might be to discuss the different forms of renewable energy that might be most effective in various regions of the world.

Insights into the economics of green business

Green business has become a very important topic in recent years. Over 60% of consumers have said that they will be willing to pay more for a better product for the environment.

Unfortunately, despite the apparent benefits of sustainable businesses, companies with a focus on environmentalism tend to struggle. Harvard Business Review talked about this in their article The Elusive Green Consumer.

Green entrepreneurs need to understand the nuances of their business models if they hope to be successful. You could consider writing a research paper about the economic issues associated with running an eco-friendly business. This topic would be a multidisciplinary paper that would be cover both environmental and economic issues.

Unexpected impacts of climate change on different species

There is no denying the fact that climate change is starting to impact animals in very concerning ways. One of the most well-known examples is the threat of extinction that polar bears face as ice caps continue to melt. They are even having to change their diet.

However, there are a lot of lesser-known examples of different plant and animal species being affected by climate change. For example, some frogs have reportedly started being born with different shaped skulls, and other animals are finding that their skin is starting to have a different hue due to evolution in response to climate change.

This is a very serious topic that has not gained enough attention. However, you might want to delve into it with your research paper.

Countries facing the greatest food scarcity due to climate change

Scarcity has become a much greater concern in recent years. The United Nations has said that the human population might not be sustainable by the year 2100. This concern is due to both climate change hurting the food supply and massive population growth.

Some countries are absorbing all of the impacts on their own. You could write a research paper about the varying effects of climate change on different countries. Some people might be more inclined to take action if they recognize how concentrated the problem is in some parts of the world.

Consider your research paper topic carefully if you want to talk about environmental issues

Many environmental issues have become concerns in recent years. This leaves you with many different possible topics for a research paper.


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