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Seven Reasons to Plant Trees to Help the Environment

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There are plenty of ways that we can all make a difference in the fight to preserve the environment and fight climate change. Some of them have received a lot less attention than others. Planting trees in your own property is surprisingly a very easy way to help.

The other day we saw a Cypress Trees for Sale deal that was hard to resist and it appears that we were not the only ones who thought it offered good value for money. By the time we tried to buy them, they were all gone. Apparently, more of us are falling in love with trees and planting them.

Apparently, more of us are falling in love with trees and planting them. According to a tree planting service in Sonora, the number of people interested in planting trees in their communities is skyrocketing.

As you will see, this is very good news. Planting trees in your garden can bring many benefits. Below, we explain a few of them.

What are some of the main reasons that planting trees helps the environment? Here are the top seven.

Trees really do cleanse the air

Removing excessive CO2 from the air is one of the most important steps we can take to fight climate change. Planting trees is a remarkably effective way to do that.

A mature tree will pull around 48 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere and lock it safely away. It will also release oxygen, enough to keep two human beings going. So, forget installing power-consuming air purifiers in your home. Plant a tree in the garden and set up a way to sit under it to be able to spend time outside breathing in lovely clean air. Best of all this conditioned air is free.

Trees help water to drain away

Removing excess water is important for preventing soil erosion, which hurts plants. This in turn protects the air, since plants are more likely to thrive. This is another area where planting trees can indirectly have a strong positive benefit on the environment.

If your garden tends to flood or get boggy in the winter, consider planting a tree. It can help. For example, a mature willow will suck up a fair amount of water. Plus, should the puddle be too big for it to soak up completely you do not have to worry about the roots getting waterlogged and rotting. Willows cope well with sitting in water. Planting trees is not a complete solution for all wet spots, but they can certainly help.

Trees absorb sound

For those of you who live in noisy environments, planting trees can make a positive difference to your life. Trees absorb a fair amount of sound. If you live near a freeway, planting a row of trees that grow close to the ground can make a huge difference. Southern magnolias grow to a height of about 80ft. Eastern red cedar, canopied junipers, and white pine are other varieties that are good for absorbing sound.

The right tree can add value to a property

In 2010, the US Forest Service said that on average a mature tree added just over $7,000 to the value of a property. Today, it is probably more. This is an amazing return on your investment.

Trees look attractive

Trees are beautiful. Most people find looking at them and the wildlife they attract lifts their spirits.

Also, fruit trees like a Meyer lemon tree will not only provide beauty but also delicious versatile fruit that can make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Trees can provide shade

In many parts of the world, heat waves and hot summers are becoming more common. So, creating a little shade in your garden is definitely a good idea and trees are particularly good at doing that. The air under a tree is typically 10 degrees lower than it is under a nearby manmade shade structure.

Trees can help to keep your power bills down

The right trees can absorb heat and can also divert wind away from your home. If you plant a canopy tree in the right place it can cast a shadow over paved areas and walls. This stops them from absorbing so much heat and keeps the air temperature a little lower. That means that you do not have to have your air-conditioning on for as long.

If there is a prevailing cold wind, in the winter, it can leech heat from your home. Closely planted trees can provide an effective barrier, which reduces this effect. This, in turn, means that you do not need to have your heating on high, so you end up saving quite a bit of money on your power bills.

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