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Ahead of Paris Agreement Signing, Committee on Climate Change Release Report



The Committee on Climate Change (UKCCC), has released a series of reports ahead of Paris Agreement being signed

The UKCCC, the official independent advisers to government on climate change, issued the report today to set out what the Paris Agreement being signed means for climate change policy in the UK.

Commenting on the UKCCC report Fabrice Leveque, Climate and Energy Policy Officer at WWF Scotland said:

“The message from the independent advisers on climate change is clear – around the world and right here in the UK – leaders need to turn the positive ambitions that were agreed at the Paris climate change talks last year into concrete action. Global commitments, even if delivered in full, will only limit global average temperature change to 2.7 degrees -this isn’t enough.

“As the advisers point out, for the UK Government the priority must be to publish a robust plan to meet the UK carbon budgets, with current policies only delivering half the required emissions reduction. For the Scottish Government, it is welcome that development of a new climate action plan is well underway, but this is a strong reminder that the new plan must go further and have strong and bold new policies in it. Recent news that Scotland has reduced emissions by almost 47% in comparison to 1990 shows that it’s possible to tackle climate change and support a successful society. The new climate plan is an opportunity to put Scotland on course for achieving all the benefits of a zero-carbon economy.”