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BASF Sponsors World GBC Network



Today it was announced that BASF is an official sponsor of Regional Partner of the World Green Building Council’s Europe Regional Network. BASF is a German-based company that uses science, specifically chemistry, to create sustainable growth.

The Network represents a community of 25 Green Building Councils (GBCs) and over 5,000 company members who cooperate closely to support growth of the sustainable building movement in Europe, including policy dialogue and support of sustainable construction activities.

Green building makes an important contribution to sustainable growth on a national, regional and a global scale. Green buildings offer a range of economic benefits, including job creation and reduced business operating costs. Social benefits include improved health and well-being of occupants, and environmental benefits include lower greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts.

Terri Wills, CEO of the World Green Building Council, said: “Our regional partners have been absolutely critical in strengthening the network of GBCs in Europe. As we grow stronger collectively, our ability to develop the green building market for the benefit of all our members grows too. BASF’s support of the green building movement as a member of national GBCs has been evident for many years, and we are excited they are now taking a strategic leadership role as one of our partners at the regional level.”

Sustainability in construction covers the entire value chain from raw materials to construction products, to the operation of buildings and housing over their entire life cycle. Green Building Councils (GBCs) are successfully engaging with stakeholders along this value chain. As a supplier of products, solutions and expertise, BASF is already engaged in several local GBCs, such as the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

Quentin de Hults, Manager of Advocacy and Sustainability at BASF’s European Construction Competence Centre, said: “With this cooperation we are strengthening our position within the construction industry as the partner for sustainable construction solutions. Sustainability plays a major role on all corporate levels of BASF and is an essential part of our ‘We create chemistry’ strategy.”

A number of GBCs are also applying and promoting rating tools that allow an assessment of the sustainability of construction and buildings. Such evidence-based assessments are crucial to increase market demand and innovation for more sustainable construction. BASF not only supplies innovative sustainable construction solutions, it has also incorporated sustainability in its own guidelines for Corporate Real Estate Management. It commits to exceeding legal requirements for new construction by meeting the recognised green building rating tool standards, as promoted by the GBCs.


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