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Blue & Green Daily: Friday 3 October round up



Today on Blue&Green Tomorrow we reported on the amazing rise of renewable energy investment to $175 billion (£108.9bn) in 2014 so far and an update the UK government’s recent announcement on clean energy subsidies.

We also talked about plans to include 200,000 more pensioners into an energy bills’ discount scheme and the dramatic experience of thousands of walruses that came ashore on an Alaskan beach because of the lack of Arctic ice.

Thousands of walruses forced onto Alaskan shore by Arctic melt

The loss of Arctic sea ice has caused around 35,000 walruses to come ashore on a beach in Alaska, with the US forced to reroute flights in order to avoid scaring the animals.

Offshore wind crucial to Japan’s energy future, says Carbon Trust

Japan must accelerate the development of its wind sector in order to ensure a sustainable future and stop dependency on nuclear power and imported fossil fuels, according to a new report by the Carbon Trust.

200,000 more pensioners to receive winter energy bill discount

A scheme that helps UK pensioners pay their energy bills is to be expanded this winter, to include an extra 200,000 people.

Global renewable energy investment on the rise

Renewable energy investment totalled $175 billion (£108.9bn) in the first three quarters of 2014, as the sector shows signs of a worldwide recovery after a two-year slump.

Renewable energy contracts ‘poorly managed’, say MPs

Consumers are getting poor value for money out of contracts worth £16.6 billion given to renewable energy projects, without competition, by the UK government, according to MPs.

TED talks: the state of the climate and what we might do about it – Lord Stern

In this week’s featured TED talk, the renowned economist and climate change expert Lord Nicholas Stern explains how we can save the world.

Photo Sanja Gjenero via Free Images

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