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Blue & Green Daily: Tuesday 16 September round up



This week on Blue & Green Tomorrow, we reported that the so-called “greenest government ever” has been given a red card on the environment by a panel of MPs.

We also learned that Oxford City Council has become the first UK local authority to commit to fossil fuel divestment, while pro-union campaigners have claimed Scottish independence would threaten the nation’s renewable energy industry.

Brazil to build a tower in the Amazon to monitor climate change effects

A giant observation tower to assess the relationship between climate change and the forest is to be built in the Amazon, whose sensitive ecosystem can provide unique insight data on weather events and carbon capture.

90% of small businesses prefer challenger banks

Some 90% of small and medium sized enterprises (SME) believe that challenger banks, such as Metro and Handelsbanken, offer better services than the ‘big four’ on the high street, according to a new survey.

Economic growth and action against climate change can go together, global report says

Nations do not have to choose between prosperity and environmental protection anymore thanks to new technological innovations and infrastructure investment, a group of leading figures from governments and business has said in a new analysis.

Scottish Independence: Cameron describes a Yes vote as ‘painful divorce’ in emotional appeal

Prime minister David Cameron has delivered an emotional appeal to the people of Scotland to not vote for independence, describing a future union without Scotland as “heart breaking”, a feeling he says is shared by Britons elsewhere.

Greenest government ever gets a ‘red card’ from MPs

The Environmental Audit Committee has said the government has failed to tackle air pollution, protect biodiversity and prevent flooding, therefore earning a ‘red card’ on its handling of green issues. In a new report, the committee also called on parties to give top priority to environmental protection in their manifestos.

Oxford City Council commits to fossil fuel divestment

Oxford City Council has become the first UK local authority to commit to fossil fuel divestment, after pledging to end its investments in the polluting industry on ethical grounds.

Blue & Green holiday cottages: The Ship, Suffolk

The Ship is an ideal place to relax and explore the area surrounding Beccles, Suffock, and is available to book now through cottages4you.

Scottish independence: renewables and climate change debate heats up

Opponents and supporters of Scottish independence have started to outline the case for renewable energy investment and progress on climate change in case the country decides to leave the union, with ‘no’ campaigners arguing the independence will harm the wind energy sector.

Study suggests US gas leaks caused by faulty wells, not fracking

A new study has found that 130 water wells in Pennsylvania and Texas were contaminated by gas leaks caused by problems with the casing or lining of drilling wells, and not by the process of fracking.

Pension funds urge firms to engage with shareholders over executive pay

The National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) has urged eight companies to talk to their shareholders and resolve disputes over executive’s pay.

Doctors call for sugary food to be banned from schools and hospital

London researchers have argued that sugar should make up no more than 3% of total energy intake in people’s diet, in order to tackle the issue of tooth decay. To do so, experts have called on public establishments to ban sugary food and have suggested a tax on sugar.

Photo: Sanja Gjenero via Free Images

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