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Cool Savings To Be Had From Tm44 Air Con Inspections



What’s not to like about TM44 Air Con Inspections? Start looking forward to the inspector’s five-year visit. Businesses are legally required to carry out Air Conditioning (AC) Inspections every five years under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

And yes, failing to comply can land you in hot water. But inspections have one big advantage: they also flag up opportunities for your business to make savings.

If your business has air conditioning systems with a combined cooling capacity of more than 12kW, you must have a valid Air Conditioning Inspection report and certificate by law.

Immediate potential savings

The fines can mount up if you fail to have an air conditioning inspection report so there’s a potential saving straight away by being compliant.

The penalty is currently fixed at £300. A further fixed penalty fine of £200 can be issued if you fail to provide a copy of the report to ‘an officer of an enforcement authority’ (usually from Trading Standards) within seven days.

As well as avoiding financial penalties, when compliance is required for ISO your business could also eliminate the risk of invalidating your accreditation … or your insurances.

Save over the long term

An accredited Energy Assessor, like ours at Utilitywise, is the only person allowed to provide inspections and their independent view on the efficiency of your AC system can lead to energy and cost savings.

The building service engineer who writes your AC Inspection will be experienced in providing energy efficiency recommendations that could reduce carbon emissions and cut your operational costs.

They’ll also identify opportunities for ‘no cost’ and ‘low cost’ changes that you can implement quickly and cheaply. They can also point out where you can save large amounts of energy with equipment revisions based on paybacks between two and three years.

An inspection can also help you increase the lifespan of your AC systems by promoting and identifying the appropriate care.

All in all, the savings our assessors identify can cover the cost of the whole inspection – and more.

Be air-con wise with Utilitywise

With more than 2,750 Air Con Inspections under our belt, Utilitywise has the experience to help you make multiple efficiencies.

We were one of the first companies in the UK to be accredited to deliver AC inspections and our team’s combined experience is more than 100 years.

While others may not have experience with extensive property portfolios, we regularly undertake large multi-site AC inspection projects. And we’re ISO 9001 accredited, which means we predominantly use in-house inspectors to ensure high standards and give our clients confidence in our service.

With so many benefits, look forward to an Air Conditioning Inspector calling.

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