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Ecotricity announces plans to undercut ‘big six’ electricity prices



Clean energy supplier Ecotricity has said it will start providing electricity at a lower cost than the ‘big six’ from October.

The company confirmed that it will no longer price match the standard tariffs of the major energy firms – British Gas, E.ON, EDF, SSE, Npower and Scottish Power – but that it will do it independently, meaning that customers will have a slightly cheaper bill.

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricitym said, “Around 40% of our electricity supply is self-generated by our own fleet of wind and sun parks, and we have planning permission to more than double that supply in the near future – this degree of energy independence now means we can be price independent.”

He added that although the bill’s reduction will be modest, it would be “a really significant step” for the green energy company, saying, “People often falsely assume that green electricity is always more expensive. But most people in Britain are actually still on a standard tariff – so we’re a little cheaper than what the majority pay for brown electricity and we aim to get even cheaper than that big brown price in the near future.”

Five of the big six energy companies – all but British Gas – dealt a blow to domestic carbon reduction efforts in the UK in July, by pulling the plug on their renewable energy tariffs.

Ecotricity was scored highly for its green energy credentials by Ethical Consumer magazine recently, with Good Energy – which gets 100% of its electricity from renewable sources – topping the ranking.

Ecotricity simplified its tariffs in July, by deciding to only offer customers 100% green energy. The company is currently powering about 75,000 homes in the UK.

Vince said, “We are stretching the gap between ourselves and the conventional energy companies – we have one simple 100% green electricity tariff, we continue to invest more per customer in new sources of renewable energy, and we are now moving further away from the price of the big six standard tariffs, too.” 

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