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Exeter Businesses To Be Boosted By World-Class Technology Research Facility



Businesses in Exeter could be boosted by the creation of a new world-class technology research facility in the city, as new plans are announced today by Exeter City Futures. The consortium of local stakeholders, including Exeter City Council and Oxygen House Investments (formerly Andromeda Capital), have unveiled plans to transform Exeter into a leading, sustainable city by harnessing innovative technology and data analytics.

Exeter City Futures has designated key sites within the city for development and expansion of a world class research and technology facility and are in exclusive discussions with Exeter Science Park to create a new building on the Global Environmental Futures campus.

Glenn Woodcock, Director of Exeter City Futures, said: “Exeter City Futures is committed to making Exeter a nationally-leading hub for technology and innovation and we are looking at sites where we can bring this vision to life. The Science Park offers a fantastic opportunity for the creation of a world-class hub and we are actively working with the team to bring our vision to life.”

Gerry Shattock, General Manager, Exeter Science Park, said: “We are delighted to be working with Exeter City Futures to create a technology campus. The Global Environmental Futures site is a key asset of the Science Park and focal point for collaborative opportunities in data and analytics embracing global players such as the Met Office and the University of Exeter. We look forward to working together to refine their vision.”

Furthermore, the University of Exeter has announced plans to invest in a suite of three new programme to support the technology ambitions of the city. The university will provide data science qualifications through full-time MSc, professional MSc, and CPD courses. 

Oxygen House Investments, will be establishing a new fund management business in Exeter and is growing its funds team in order to support the growth of UK technology businesses.

Laurence Oakes-Ash of Oxygen House Investments, said: “Innovation is absolutely critical to making cities function more smoothly. In the UK, access to seed and scale-up capital can be a challenge for innovative companies and we will seek to address that gap as part of this new initiative.”

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