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Tickets for Sustainable September – Blue & Green Tomorrow’s month-long celebration of sustainability – will be released in June. We want as many of our readers to attend as possible, so have created a site for you to reserve tickets before they go on general release.

All you have to do to register your interest, and to tell us who you’d like to see speak at any of the five events we’re running, is is enter your details here.

While we plan the month’s schedule, you can join the conversation on social media. Follow Sustainable September on Twitter (@SustSept), Facebook ( and through the dedicated LinkedIn group to keep up-to-date with all the latest announcements.

A full schedule will be released in the coming weeks, including dates, venues, speakers and a standalone Sustainable September website.

The month will include four debates on investment, energy, travel and retail, as well as a full-day sustainability conference in the final week of September.

All four debate topics can be found here, and over the next two weeks we’ll be previewing each. We started by looking at some of the arguments for and against the motion, “Growth in tourism is undesirable: it is rarely economically or environmentally ‘good’.”

Sustainable September will bring together investors, consumers, businesses and thought leaders for a series of stimulating and thought-provoking events on sustainability, shaped by Blue & Green Tomorrow readers. To reserve your place before tickets are released, click here.

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