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Good Energy Await Anticipated CMA Energy Report



The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), is expected to release its final report into the UK’s energy market on this Friday, 24 June. The CMA has been investigating the supply and development of energy in the UK for the last two years. The CMA says its report will “fix the broken energy market”.

Ahead of the publication on Friday, Juliet Davenport, CEO of independent supplier Good Energy, said: “I want to see the CMA holding the big energy companies to account. For far too long the Big 6 have taken loyal customers for granted.  This report needs to deliver practical solutions which really do un-stick the so-called ‘sticky’ customers and help them find the best deals.

“Consumers deserve a fair and transparent market so they can have confidence in their energy suppliers. And energy companies deserve a level playing field which supports and encourages competition. This report is the opportunity to make this possible.”