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Interface EMEA Announce RE100 Energy Campaign Commitment



A government-led renewable energy campaign was unveiled at the 7th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM7) in San Francisco last week. The main aim of the RE100 Corporate Sourcing of Renewables campaign is to encourage CEM member countries into making renewable energy commitments. Interface EMEA are the latest business to join the movement.

Discussing the announcement, Rob Boogaard, President and CEO, Interface EMEA, said: “To make real, meaningful progress towards a thriving low carbon economy we need aspirational goals and to be focused on their desired outcomes. 

“Interface is the world’s largest manufacturer of carpet tile and has a long standing commitment to operating its factories on 100 per cent renewable energy by 2020. As a company we provide hard evidence for the results that can be achieved by setting ambitious targets and accepting that products and core company processes must be redesigned to reach them. At Interface, we are not focusing only on renewable electricity, we already source 84 per cent renewable energy across our global operations – including both electricity and thermal energy (with biogas) – and in EMEA this figure stands at 95 per cent renewable energy.

“But we support the RE100 as it is not for businesses to act alone. Only through a sustained collaborative approach between businesses and policy makers will we see the vital changes needed in energy consumption across Europe and even globally. That is why Interface has joined the RE100, to continue to champion and co-support these ambitious renewable energy goals on the world stage.”


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