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Introducing: The Guide to Sustainable Funds 2013



Blue & Green Tomorrow’s Guide to Sustainable Funds 2013 looks at 134 ethical and sustainable investment funds. If you want to invest in a vehicle that offers wider benefits – either to society, the environment or both – as well as generating a healthy financial return, you’re in the right place.

Data by the ethical investment research firm EIRIS, released in the run-up to this year’s National Ethical Investment Week, suggested there was a record £12 billion invested in UK green and ethical retail funds, as of June 2013. This represented a rise of around £1.2 billion from 2012, and a dramatic increase from the £4 billion that EIRIS said was invested in such funds in 2001.

However, the 134 investment funds in this guide – taken from Blue & Green Tomorrow’s sister site Blue & Green Investor (which in turn gets its information from Financial Express) – were worth over £22 billion as of October.

Both sets of data suggest ethical and sustainable investment is on the rise, and recent excellent return statistics bust the age-old myth of underperformance by such funds. Blue & Green analysis shows that 19 out of 21 UK ethical equity funds had outperformed the FTSE 100 over the past year. Meanwhile, the overall top performing fund – Guinness Alternative Energy – returned 85% in the year until October 16, compared to the FTSE 100’s 12%.

Whether it’s a themed fund – investing in clean energy, agriculture, forestry, water and so on; a negatively screened fund – avoiding harmful or unethical industries; or simply a fund that seeks to tackle key sustainability challenges, the Blue & Green database has something to match your criteria.

Click here to download The Guide to Sustainable Funds 2013 (10MB file).

On the go? Download the mobile version (5MB file).

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