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Introduction Of New Energy Labels Contradicts Paris Climate Deal



The introduction of new energy efficiency labels across the European Union is to be delayed by the European Council.

This contradicts its environmental commitments under last year’s Paris climate agreement and will stop households saving money on their energy bills, said the Coolproducts campaign ahead of the latest round of talks on the proposal tomorrow (Tuesday, 9 October 2016).

Stephane Arditi, Coolproducts campaign coordinator said:

“The European Council has a fantastic opportunity to turn words into action with the first EU energy regulation after ratifying the Paris climate agreement. Instead it seems hell bent on hampering European citizens’ efforts to buy energy efficient appliances by delaying this reform of misleading and confusing labels.”

Current proposals by the European Council Presidency would see the present, confusing variation of energy labelling scales remain until 2025 at the earliest – some being A to G with others being A+++ to D. On top of this, labels for white goods such as washing machines, which deceive citizens into believing an ‘A+’ product is environmentally friendly when for some appliances it is the least energy efficient option on the market, would remain until 2020 or 2021.