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#itshappening: five pictures that add hope to the climate gloom



Have you ever felt that you’re too small or insignificant to do something about global warming? Have you ever been told that there’s nothing you, as an individual, can do in the face of something as large as the disruption of the planet’s climate?

“Right now, the biggest threat to progress isn’t climate scepticism. It’s cynicism – resigning ourselves to climate change because we don’t think we’re up to the task of fixing it”, says Malachi Chadwick, the project leader of the #itshappening campaign.

On Thursday, the campaign, organised by the environmental project 10:10, attempts to unearth the success stories of decarbonisation, showcasing climate change solutions that innovating individuals are putting into action around the world.

From small personal triumphs to huge global trends, 10:10 is cutting through the doom and gloom of climate bad news, to compile inspiring tales of progress in an easy to browse gallery.

Eleanor Besley, 10:10 project manager, says, “#itshappening brings a sense of possibility back to the climate debate. There’s an amazing story unfolding here, and people shouldn’t have to dig into PDFs and energy trade journals to find it. The can-do spirit embodied in these pictures is exactly what we need.”

Anyone can share their own decarbonisation efforts by tweeting them to @1010, posting them on the 10:10 Facebook page, or emailing them to

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