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Could You Be The Next Eco-Entrepreneur To Pilot With RBS And Major UK Companies Could You Be The Next Eco-Entrepreneur To Pilot With RBS And Major UK Companies


Could You Be The Next Eco-Entrepreneur To Pilot With RBS And Major UK Companies?



Sainsbury’s, Carillion, BaxterStorey and Lancaster University, along with founding partner Royal Bank of Scotland have come together to form The Innovation Gateway, a partnership the first of its kind to crowdsource solutions to the most challenging of envir.onmental issues

[Click here to find out more and trial your innovation with major UK’s corps]

From growing gourmet mushrooms to sewage heat recovery, the eleven solutions selected address a range of targeted resource efficiency challenges.

They are:

CircoSense Ltd
The CircoSense3000 is a unique technology that reduces energy loss from secondary return hot water systems by at least 40%.
City Reuse Depot
A scalable model that transforms difficult waste streams into a resource through redistribution for repair, reuse, upcycling, reprocessing and remanufacturing.
Crowdfund Campus
Sandpit is an innovative voting tool that simulates real crowdfunding, enabling organisations to test and prioritise ideas with their customers and employees in an engaging way.
Endo Enterprises (UK) Ltd
EndoCool is an additive that reduces cooling costs by up to 15% in larger environments where chilled water systems are used.
Extreme Low Energy
Extreme Low Energy technologies cut out the wasteful AC/DC conversion process with a new generation of low energy, DC powered devices that reduce energy use by 70%.
Fresh Check Ltd.
Fresh Check is an innovative colour change spray which provides a simple, fast method to ensure cleanliness of food, work tools and surfaces.
An Australian start-up that recycles used coffee grounds to grow gourmet mushrooms.
Green Hat Trading Ltd
The Green Hat Tboiler is a new generation water heating system which reduces energy use in the heating of water whilst ensuring hot water is instantly available.
Landmark Environmental Ltd
Landmark Environmental uses sewage water as the primary energy source to generate space heating, cooling and domestic hot water.
Purr uses sensors and cloud based analytics to monitor the performance of heating and cooling (HVAC) systems with an unprecedented level of accuracy and detail.
The Zeto Refrigeration Management Platform optimises the performance of refrigeration controllers based on real time data received directly from the refrigeration equipment.

The winners will have the opportunity to trial their eco-innovations with one or more of Round One 2016 partners: Royal Bank of Scotland, Sainsbury’s, Carillion and BaxterStorey.

And the sky’s the limit for the Innovation Gateway with the latest addition to the partnership – Europe’s busiest airport, Heathrow.


We are looking for big ideas from entrepreneurs across four areas.


Heathrow Chief Executive, John Holland-Kaye, said:

“Heathrow has always been at the heart of showcasing innovative technology, so we are proud to be partnering this project for the first time. We are looking for big ideas from entrepreneurs across four areas which can help us meet our 2020 targets as part of our ongoing work to be an industry leader in sustainability.”

The Innovation Gateway is managed by 2degrees, the world’s leading collaboration platform and service for sustainable business. It provides a single entry point for entrepreneurs to showcase their technology and pitch their solutions to leading UK companies.

John Hayes, Head of Workplace Solutions at founding partner RBS, said:

“From talking to entrepreneurs we’ve learnt that it’s getting access to a market rather than finance which is their greatest barrier to success. We believe that’s where the Innovation Gateway, either with RBS or our new partners, can play an important role through supporting trials allowing more entrepreneurs to prove the effectiveness of their products and services.”

And you could join them…

The Gateway Partners are now setting their sights on addressing the next round of environmental challenges; metering and analytics, site-level energy efficiency, waste segregation and employee health and well-being.

Could you be the next one? The Innovation Gateway Round Two 2016 is now open for applications; click here to find out more and trial your opportunity with major UK’s corps.

SMEs interested in putting their solution to the test with RBS, Sainsbury’s, Carillion and Heathrow, can visit the Innovation Gateway landing page now and sign up to submit an application by September 30th 2016.