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The Pros and Cons of An Electric Heat Pump for your Home



All facts show that electric heat pumps are the most effective heating system for your home. These systems function as furnace during cold seasons. The good news is that they do also provide cool air during warm seasons as well through air conditioning. It is important to note that there are mainly two types of heat pumps and classification depends on the kind of fuel they use. They are:

– Electric heat pumps

– Gas heat pumps

For this reason, you should consider doing a bit of research before deciding, the kind that is best for your home. In this short article, we have decided to concentrate on electric heat pumps. Did you know that in order to determine the best heat pump you need to look at the merits and demerits of each one?

Well, we asked NationalAirWarehouse for their opinion and below are the advantages and disadvantages of an electric heat pump.

The Advantages Of An Electric Heat Pump

1. Efficiency

An Electric heat pump is efficient system for not only heating but cooling as well. It does not matter the weather season; the system will cool and warm your home. The technology electric heat pump applies, can heat or cool a home faster. If this is not efficiency, then what is?

2. Energy Friendly

One of the biggest benefits is that an electric heat pump is energy friendly. Because heat systems can cool a home, they save energy for the air conditioning unit.

3. Affordable

Another benefit is that these systems are quite afforded compared to those fueled by natural gas. This is because natural gas heat pumps generate dry air when heating. This leaves you with a budget to buy a humidifier to prevent dry air.

4. Heating Uniformly

Electric heat pumps provide uniform home heating. Meaning no temperature fluctuations linked to other systems. Unlike many other pumps, which produce a lot of noise when in use; Electric heat pumps are not. The air compressor is often placed outside the home to reduce the noise levels.

5. Environment Friendly

One of the biggest concerns to the world is pollution. For this reason, many governments have come up with systems to encourage its people and commercial businesses to go green. The good news is that electrically fuelled pumps offer the “Green” benefit. What does this mean? Well, unlike gas heat pumps, furnaces and others; electric heat pump does not pollute the environment. This way you will be able to receive government incentives such as taxation relief and benefits.

The Disadvantages Of An Electric Heat Pump

1. Highish Initial purchase Price

The truth of the matter is that the initial purchase price is high. This may affect others not to buy this system.

2. Requires An Expert To Install

The installation process does require a technical expert as well as specialized tools. Proper wiring must be done to guarantee it is working correctly. Always have a qualified electrician to install the pump.

3. Maintenance

They require a significant amount of maintenance, which guarantees efficiency as well as durability.

4. Not The best For Certain Areas

If you live a region where temperatures frequently fall below freezing point in winter, then you should know that the pump may not work efficiently. The cause of this is because; the unit is designed to take energy as well as time in order to release heat. Therefore, if you live in such areas, you should consider a backup.