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REA Introduce Unique Energy Conference



The UK Wide Infrastructure Investment event takes place on Thursday 9 June. This year Renewable Energy Association’s (REA) DECENTRAL conference will follow a week after the UK Wide Infrastructure Investment event and tickets are on sale now. DECENTRAL will bring together key industry figures focusing on the future of Britain’s energy.

Registration has now closed for the UK Wide Infrastructure Investment event, but the entire event will be recorded and made available to purchase afterwards. To request post-event video material, email

REA says: “A revolution in energy technology is underway. While for many this may pose a challenge, decentralised energy fundamentally is an opportunity to put companies in control- of their power, of their heat, of their wastes, and critically, of their bills.”

The conference will build on many of the themes discussed at the Decentralised Energy Panel at Day 2 of the UK Wide Infrastructure Investment Conference, chaired by the REA’s Chief Executive, Dr. Nina Skorupska CBE.

Decentralised energy, also referred to as distributed generation, can deliver cleaner, cheaper, more efficient energy for the UK covering heat & electricity. This all-day conference will explore the huge economic and societal benefits in adopting a decentralised energy model, along with the challenges the industry faces in delivering it.

Leading experts in the field will discuss why, how and when it will impact energy markets and systems, our homes and cities, and of course business.

The conference will ask a number of questions including:

– Why is decentralised energy key to our future?

– Can it really be achieved?

– What role will zero carbon homes play?

– How can we run smarter businesses?  Using micro-grids, mini power stations etc.

Other topics that will be discussed include:

Smarter Markets – moving away from traditional business models

  • Grid Options
  • Real World Issues for a Project Developer
  • The role of Demand Side Management

Smarter Cities

  • Future Cities
  • Infrastructure
  • Community/Local Authorities

Smart Homes

  • New/Zero Carbon Homes
  • Mobile Tech/Digital Connectivity
  • Electric Vehicles (EV’s)
  • Energy Storage

Smart Businesses

  • Self-Consumption
  • Micro-Grid
  • Data

DECENTRAL: Transforming our Energy System will take place at the Cavendish Conference Centre, W1 London on Thursday 16 June 2016. Registration is from 9am but can be completed online here. The conference is followed by the British Renewable Energy Awards. Prices for REA members are £150 + VAT and £250 + VAT for non-REA members – buy tickets here. Full details of the event can be found here.