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Scottish Renewables Welcome RSPB 2050 Energy Vision



The RSPB have launched a new report called The RSPB’s 2050 Energy Vision. The report shows how the UK could transform its energy system, meet climate targets, and transition into a low carbon economy sustainably. Scottish Renewables have responded to the launch of the report.

Lindsay Roberts, Senior Policy Manager at Scottish Renewables, said: “It is positive to see the RSPB is once again able to reaffirm its strong support for renewable energy.

“Climate change is one of the biggest threats to nature, and renewable energy is absolutely key to tackling it. This study shows clearly that meeting our renewable energy targets and protecting our natural environment can go hand in hand.

“The charity’s work also demonstrates how more mature technologies such as onshore wind and solar can play an increasingly important role in our energy mix alongside newer, innovative technologies such as wave energy and storage.”


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