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Solarcentury Panels Power Glastonbury Greenpeace Field



Renewable energy company, Solarcentury, has donated solar panels to popular world-renowned music festival Glastonbury. The Greenpeace field at Glastonbury will be powered by the solar panels which will generate electricity to power the music festival’s first ever Virtual Reality Dome. The Virtual Reality Dome will be used to show David Attenborough’s journey through the Great Barrier Reef in a submersible vehicle.

Solarcentury has donated 30 solar panels comprising a 7.5 kilowatt per hour (kWp) system, which is over double the size of an average-sized system on a typical home in the UK. This will generate enough clean solar electricity to power the whole Dome for the duration of the festival, come rain or shine, since the panels need daylight, not sunlight, to generate electricity.

Bob Wilson, special events organiser for Greenpeace said: “This year’s theme for the Greenpeace Field at Glastonbury is “Ending the oil age – Greening our cities.” We are aiming to show what the future is like beyond the age of oil and how we can preserve life as we know it by switching to low carbon technologies and by re-greening our cities.

In keeping with this, we wanted to power the Greenpeace field with solar PV. It’s important for us that we walk the talk! The panels are directly powering our very first virtual reality Dome, where festival goers will be able to enjoy an interactive 360 degrees experience of David Attenborough’s spectacular visit to the Great Barrier Reef which is under threat from mining and climate change.”

To catch a glimpse of the panels glinting in the sunshine (positive thinking for festival goers!) the Greenpeace field is the large space in the Leftfield area of the site.

Susannah Wood, CMO at Solarcentury commented: “We are very excited to see panels donated by Solarcentury powering the Greenpeace Field this year. We hope the panels will be a visible demonstration of the power of solar energy and will encourage people to think about how clean solar electricity could power their lives, their homes and their workplaces.

“Our enthusiastic support for this Greenpeace initiative aligns with our company mission to promote solar in the fight against climate change. It’s great to be supporting Greenpeace again, after our people led the organisation’s supporters on the London march last year ahead of the Paris climate change summit.”


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