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4 Tips For Choosing An Eco-Friendly Home Backup Power Source

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With climate change and many other environmental concerns said to be rising dramatically every day, it’s without a doubt that a home should always prepare for unforeseen factors such as loss of electricity. Natural disasters like storms would usually interrupt the supply of this essential household utility. Simply put, without electricity, houses wouldn’t be as comfortable and warm as they should be.

No matter where you live, having eco-friendly backup power is essential, most particularly for those living off-grid and in rural areas. Prolonged power outages might happen more frequently in these places compared to urban locations. Hence, it’s a wise investment to add a sustainable backup power resource for your family’s convenience and safety.

Here are some tips to guide you in finding the right environmentally backup power source for your home.

1. Evaluate Different Backup Power Source Options 

While the generators had been the only ultimate choice as backup power in the past, this is no longer the case today. Thanks to technological advancements, there are now alternatives to generating electricity through cleaner and eco-friendlier methods. The use of other alternative sources of power, such as solar, wind, and other forms of sustainable power, is becoming increasingly popular for providing backup power, as well as aiding in disaster preparedness. 

When you want to shop for your backup power source, here are some that you can consider choosing: 

  • Solar Energy System

There are many benefits to be derived from solar energy for everyone. Solar energy is renewable, non-polluting, and readily available. It’s cost-effective too. In addition, it creates jobs whenever a new installation is underway. There are also benefits of solar batteries that allow you to stock on energy and use it at a later time, giving you a controlled home backup power source. 

Photovoltaic systems are examples of solar energy technology that are relatively easy for a household to maintain. 

The advancement in technology that allows solar energy to be stored for a long period of time has led to solar power becoming more reliable. As long as your solar panels and batteries are efficient, you’ll have no worries regarding the stability of your property’s electricity supply.

  • Green Battery Generator 

Battery-powered generators that follow green standards are believed to be much quieter than conventional ones – with most of them featuring portability and ease of storage. They typically last several hours to a few days and their reserved energy can be enough to sustain your home enough light during power interruptions. 

Green battery generators can also power up small devices and appliances. As a reminder, ensure to give them enough time to fully charge so you can always have them on standby for emergencies.

  • Wind-powered Generator 

Wind turbines are ideally suited to rural properties with appropriate zoning and weather requirements. This backup power option is best for houses with the most wind exposure as it can be more cost-friendly. 

Wind speed plays a crucial role in using this alternative power source. Measure your property’s wind speed with a local weather source or conduct a test. You will need an inverter to translate wind power to a battery bank since wind doesn’t constantly blow simultaneously. The energy can often be fed back into the grid using a reverse meter through a separate breaker panel. 

2. Stick To Your Budget 

For most facilities, it’s essential to consider environmentally-friendly features, system performance, quality, and reliability. Yet one aspect you shouldn’t overlook is the cost. Sticking to your budget is ideal when shopping for the best alternative backup power source. Try to find options that are within the price range you can afford. 

Going for generators and stored electricity systems that come with hefty operating expenses may result in you being unable to pay for the maintenance and operating fees that they entail. Hence, it’s advised to consider all of the related costs before making your purchase. 

Also, apply some tips for attaining an eco-friendly lifestyle that’ll help you save electricity so it can also reflect on your bid to lower down your property’s electricity bills.    

3. Consider Their Runtime 

Your power backup source also needs to be able to run for an extended period of time as a viable backup. The power outage in your area may last a few minutes to up to several hours, so you need to estimate the runtime capacity of your alternative power sources.

Additional battery packs can be connected to specific models to increase their run time. If there are many battery packs and a large load, the backup power source may take several hours of service before its juices run out. Ensure to consider their runtime capacity when selecting the best option that meets your family’s energy demands. 

4. Choose One That’s Easy To Maintain 

Most battery manufacturers’ general maintenance recommendation instructs owners to run periodic checks on the battery and replace it every four to eight years. In addition to ensuring that the batteries are functioning at their best, these preventative measures may directly affect battery power reliability and downtime.

There are generator upkeep reminders that you can follow that are available in easy-to-understand formats. You may check them out. 

Further, maintaining machines like home backup power sources often require checking their spare parts or cleaning them regularly. You can seek professionals nearby to perform maintenance tasks to prevent facing troubles with your power backup source.


During unfavorable situations, preparation is believed to be the key to success. For reliable power, even in the face of natural disasters and power outages, it’s best to opt for sustainable forms of energy as a backup power source.

While it can be intimidating and confusing to shop for the best eco-friendly power backup source, you can rely on the tips above and find the best offering that gives you safer, cleaner, and more efficient energy.

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