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Top articles of the week: October 18



This week on Blue & Green Tomorrow, Triodos Renewables have launched a £5 million share offer to allow people to invest as little as £50 into renewable energy projects.

We also reported on new analysis from the Fairtrade Foundation which found that 82% of ‘generation fairtrade’ teens want companies to behave responsibly. In other news, activists protested and disrupted the media launch of the Shell sponsored Rembrandt exhibition at the National Gallery.

1. Plants absorbing more carbon than previously thought

Tom Revell: Scientists may have underestimated the beneficial impact plants have had while absorbing carbon out of the atmosphere, according to a new study. However, experts have warned that the finding will make little difference to future climate change. Read more.

2. 82% of ‘generation fairtrade’ teens want companies to behave responsibly

Ilaria Bertini: Young Britons who have grown up in the era of a flourishing fairtrade market are highly sensitive to global issues and want to see businesses taking action to end poverty, inequality and climate change – according to a new analysis from the Fairtrade Foundation. Read more.

3. Performers disrupt Shell-sponsored exhibition at the National Gallery

Ilaria Bertini: Activists protesting against art’s ties with the fossil fuel industry have performed a musical demonstration during the media launch of the Rembrandt exhibition at the National Gallery, which has been sponsored by Shell and staffed by a private security firm, instead of the gallery’s workers. Read more.

4. Owen Paterson’s proposal to repeal Climate Change Act ‘stupid’

Tom Revell: Owen Paterson has been slammed by politicians and experts, after reports emerged that the former environment secretary will call for the government’s climate change targets to be scrapped. Read more.

5. Neonicotinoids ‘5000 times more toxic’ than DDT for bees

Ilaria Bertini: A UK academic at the annual conference of the Soil Association has strengthened the case for the EU-wide ban on neonicotinoid pesticides, revealing mounting evidence of their deadly effects on essential pollinators. Read more.

6. CDP: Apple, Google, Microsoft and Unilever leaders in tackling climate change

Ilaria Bertini: Across nearly 2,000 listed companies, some are now showing a ‘superior’ approach at tackling climate change, saving money and gaining investors’ trust, according to information requested by investors managing $92 trillion and collected in a new index by CDP. Read more.

7. Global renewable energy investment up 11% in promising third quarter

Tom Revell: Investment into renewable energy totalled almost $65 billion (£40.8bn) in the third quarter of 2014, an increase of 11% on the same period last year, according to a new report. Read more.

8. Triodos Renewables launches crowdfunding scheme to make investment more accessible

Ilaria Bertini: Clean energy arm of ethical bank Triodos has launched a £5 million share offer to allow people to invest as little as £50 into renewable energy projects, in an effort to reach a wider public. Read more.

9. Renewable energy investment key to sub-Saharan Africa’s prosperity

Tom Revell: A woefully under-developed energy sector is holding back growth in sub-Saharan Africa, but smart investment could unlock the region’s huge renewable energy potential, according to a new report. Read more.

10. Fossil fuel companies recognise climate risks but fail to disclose them to investors – report

Ilaria Bertini: A new survey from Carbon Tracker has revealed that while companies are well aware of the impacts of climate change and the effects carbon-cutting policies will have on fossil fuels reserves, only 7% integrate the risks into corporate project and capital expenditure assessments. Read more.

Photo: Sanja Gjenero via Free Images

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