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Top articles of the week: October 4



This week on Blue & Green Tomorrow, we learned that the number of wild animals living on the planet has halved over the past 40 years, and mankind is to blame.

We also reported on a survey that found nine out of ten CEOs believe companies should fully integrate sustainability into their business. In other news, in his final party conference before the 2015 general election, prime minister David Cameron cut climate change from his speech.

1. World’s wildlife declined by 50% in 40 years

Ilaria Bertini: The number of wild animals living on the planet has halved over the past four decades because of unsustainable consumption and reckless human activities that have destroyed habitats, according to the latest figures from WWF and the Zoological Society of London. Read more.

2. 2013 Australian heatwave caused by climate change, studies argue

Ilaria Bertini: Four separate studies by Australian universities have concluded that the extremely hot temperatures that hit the country last year were almost certainly related to rising greenhouse gas emissions and have urged the climate-sceptic government to take action. Read more.

3. Hyatt hotels launches sustainability plan for 2020

Ilaria Bertini: American hotel company Hyatt has outlined a series of ambitious targets for 2020 to reduce water and energy use and boost sustainability in other areas, with the aim of becoming a blueprint for the sector. Read more.

4. Cameron cuts climate change from conference speech

Tom Revell: Prime minister David Cameron only mentioned climate change in passing in his final party conference speech before the 2015 general election. Read more.

5. 90% of CEOs believe businesses should have a social purpose

Ilaria Bertini: A survey led by Coca-Cola Enterprises has found that nine out of ten CEOs believe companies should fully integrate sustainability into their business, with future leaders showing more willingness to employ corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices. Read more.

6. Responsible tourism: Virgin to ditch partners that capture wild whales and dolphins

Ilaria Bertini: Virgin’s CEO Richard Branson has announced that Virgin Holidays will now require that its partners and suppliers do not capture wild cetaceans for the entertainment industry, but wildlife charities have complained the plea falls short of protecting captive animals. Read more.

7. British businesses make sustainable timber pledge

Tom Revell: A coalition of leading British businesses, including Marks & Spencer, Boots and Penguin Random House, have pledged to use only 100% sustainable timber and wood products by 2020. Read more.

8. UK’s first floating solar farm installed

Tom Revell: A farm in Berkshire has become home to the first floating solar farm in the UK, as developers announce plans to roll out the innovative installations across the country. Read more.

9. Chile enforces South America’s first carbon tax

Tom Revell: Chile has become the first South American country to introduce a tax on carbon, in a pioneering effort to tackle climate change. Read more.

10. Lloyds fires eight staff and withholds bonuses over Libor scandal

Tom Revell: Lloyds Banking Group has dismissed eight employees for their role in the manipulation of currency and the Libor rate, forfeiting bonuses worth £3 million. Read more.

Photo: Dennis Jarvis via Flickr

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