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Trillion Fund to host solar powered renewable energy investment party



Vivienne Westwood and Trillion Fund have invited prospective renewable energy investors to a unique solar powered party in London on Thursday, with ticket sales closing at midnight tonight.

The unique OFFtheGRID event will offer guests the opportunity to invest in three crowdfunded renewable energy projects, alongside sustainably powered music, drinks and dancing.

It will be hosted by the renewable energy financing platform Trillion Fund on a rooftop at Snap UK, Wimbourne House New North Road in Hoxton, running from 7pm “until the power runs out”.

Westwood, the iconic fashion designer and environmental activist, is acting as an ambassador for Trillion Fund after becoming a major shareholder in the firm.

Speaking to the Telegraph about the projectWestwood said, “There is no better way of saving the planet than investing in the companies and technologies that have the potential to drastically reduce carbon emissions.

“Trillions of pounds of ordinary people’s hard-earned cash currently goes to fund companies that are effectively destroying the planet without most of us even knowing about it. 

“The aims of the fund are to redirect savings and investments that might otherwise go to fossil fuel companies through the hands of traditional fund managers into clean energy and other sustainable businesses instead.”

To attend the OFFtheGRID party, guests must pledge an amount of their choosing, with a minimum of £100.

Photo: Andrea Parrish Geyer via Flickr

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