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Turning Your Small Business Into A Green Business



If you care about the environment, and you should, maybe it is time to start turning your business into a more green one. There are some simple ways to be more green and lessen your carbon footprint. Both small and large businesses can benefit from being more green.

If you want to start, it’s pretty easy. Just start with these simple steps.

Get Online

Quit using up so much paper. Don’t print things out, share them using a document sharing service, like Dropbox or Google Drive. These things are great, free, and easy to share with people around the world, and it doesn’t kill any trees.

You can do your taxes all online, and even save your papers to a thumb drive instead of printing them out. Always make sure to backup all of your paperwork though, either on a thumb drive or on a disc.

Start Recycling

If you do have papers and you don’t need them anymore, make sure to recycle, don’t just throw them away. Even if your trash company doesn’t offer recycling you can research a recycling center near you where you can take your papers in.

You may also want to recycle food containers, if you eat at work or your office space is at home. Take some time to look into what is recyclable and what isn’t so that you can sort your stuff out to take in when it’s time to weed through it.

Buy Recycled

When you are shopping for paper products, think about buying recycled items. Then you are putting your money back into earth friendly companies that are green just like you.

Purchase Energy Star

To save on energy and lower your carbon footprint, when you buy electronics and appliances you should look for the Energy Star label. This ensures less energy usage, and a great product as well. Some Energy Star items may be a little more costly, but they are worth it in the savings you’ll get on your energy bills, and the good you’ll be doing for the environment.

Cut Back On Energy Usage

Don’t just use Energy Star appliances, start shutting things down and even unplugging them when they are not in use. Some items draw a significant amount of energy even when they are turned off if you leave them plugged in all the time.

Not only will you be saving money on energy costs, but you may also prevent a fire hazard. Plus, you are doing something good for the environment.

To give more back you may want to consider donating to green technology, or or maybe find a way to give back to your customers that work towards being green. You could even host a fundraiser, in person or online, to raise money to donate to a green company that is struggling.