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Why You Should Consider Investing in an Electric Boiler



Recently the high costs of domestic power tended to render electric boilers unpopular as compared to other options, like the gas boilers. However, with the improvements in energy efficiency in the recent years, the electric boiler has increasingly grown in popularity to the extent of being the most preferred boiler in the UK today.

If you have not yet installed an electric boiler in your home, then you are missing out on a lot of benefits. Before you go online to search for the best electric boilers UK, let’s explore some of the benefits you’ll draw from investing in an electric boiler.

No Need to Have a Mains Gas Supply

There are over 2 million homes without access to the mains gas supply in the UK. If yours is among these homes, an electric boiler presents you with a more cost-efficient option to deliver heat energy to your family.

Enhanced Efficiency

Unlike a conventional gas boiler that emits waste gases through the chimney, an electric boiler doesn’t have a chimney. As such, an electric boiler can run at about 99% efficiency given that it doesn’t lose heat energy through the chimney.

Easy and Cheaper to Install

If you don’t have a mains gas supply into your home, it can cost you a significant amount of money to get it installed. An electric boiler is an inexpensive alternative. Another benefit is that you don’t need to buy a separate chimney because an electric boiler doesn’t emit wastes as is the case of a gas boiler. With this, you’ll definitely save money in the initial stages of installation.

Saves Space

There are several features of an electric boiler that makes it space efficient. First, it doesn’t require a chimney and so even if you are limited by space in your home, you can still enjoy its benefits. Secondly, there’s more flexibility with regard to where you can install the electric boiler as it doesn’t have to be installed close to an exterior wall. Lastly, you don’t need an extra fuel storage tank, as is the case with other types of boilers.

Low Maintenance

An electric boiler is like any other electrical equipment wherein you don’t need to service it as regularly as the other types of boilers. Generally, it will only need maintenance if the boiler itself becomes faulty.

Environmental Friendly

Electric boilers depend on electricity to generate heat. They do not burn fossil fuels like oil and gas boilers. For this reason, these boilers are regarded as more environmentally friendly than their counterparts that often emit waste gases into the atmosphere.

Moreover, boilers that run on electricity don’t rely on moving parts within the boiler to generate heat. As such, these boilers are among the quietest domestic systems when in use.


An electric boiler is a perfect choice for your home as it’s safe, reliable, easy to maintain, and quiet – it has no startling noises when being operated as happens with gas boilers. Furthermore, oil and gas boilers seem to be diminishing in popularity largely because of the uncertainty with regards to the future of these fuels. If you want a modern solution to heating your home while saving money, then you need to acquire an electric boiler.

To ensure that you get a reliable and high-quality electric boiler, you have to work with a reputable manufacturer or vendor. You don’t have to spend time looking for electric boilers UK, just contact Electric Boilers Company. They will help you with all your electric boiler needs.

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