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Wind power generates record high 22% of UK’s electricity



RenewableUK has confirmed that on Sunday 17th August, the UK’s wind power generated an average of 5,797 megawatts, 22% of the UK’s total energy output.

These latest figures beat the previous record, set earlier this month on August 11, with a 24-hour wind power output of 21%.

The record-breaking power output on Sunday was enough to power 15 million homes, according to the National Grid, producing more electricity than the nation’s coal power plants, which produced 13% on that day.

Jennifer Webber, RenewableUK director of external affairs, said, “We’re seeing very high levels of generation from wind throughout August so far, proving yet again that onshore and offshore wind has become an absolutely fundamental component in this country’s energy mix.

“It also shows that wind is a dependable and reliable source of power in every month of year – including high summer.”

Recent energy statistics from the Department of Energy and Climate Change also show that both onshore and offshore wind has been gradually overtaking gas as an energy source.

The UK saw its first ‘round three’ wind turbine installed at Westermost Rough earlier this month, a commercial 6 megawatt turbine with far greater output than its predecessors. The larger turbines will lower the cost of renewable energy projects by producing more energy with a lower overall price tag.

There was, however, a recent blow to offshore wind earlier this month, with Centrica announcing they will withdraw from a proposed 440-turbine offshore wind development, the Celtic Array.

Photo source: Kim Hansen via Flickr

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