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2015 Ashden Talk by Lord Stern – Opportunities for Growth: Creating Sustainable Cities and Clean Energy Solutions



By 2050, 65-75% of the world’s population – a staggering 6.5 billion people – will live in cities and as Lord Stern said at a recent Ashden event it is critical that these cities have the infrastructure to operate in a low-carbon way.  Many Ashden winners are actively demonstrating some of the key ingredients to make the cities of today and of the future sustainable.

From the city of Ghent in Belgium with its extensive network of cycle lanes and rental and repair facilities, to the highly  energy efficient buildings on the huge campuses of IT giant Infosys in India, to the innovative crowd-funding  platform for community scale renewables of Abundance Generation, Ashden winners are putting Lord Stern’s words into practice and working to achieve a low carbon future.

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