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6 Reasons That You Should Switch Your Business to Solar Power



There is a lot of conversations being had about carbon footprints, emissions, non-renewable energy and global warming. However, in a sea of information and conflicting opinion, it can be difficult to discern whether your business should make the switch to a renewable energy source. If you’re still on the fence, there here are six reasons you should switch your business to solar power.

1. Lower energy bills

Like most renewable energy sources the cost savings that are possible are a serious reason to switch. Solar power is no different. Making the switch to solar power is one option that will offer your business a competitive rate. Some energy companies will now even offer discounts for businesses who use renewable energy sources and lower the reliance or usage of non-renewables.

2. Thinking ahead

Another reason you should switch to solar power for your business is to pre-empt the inevitable price rise in traditional energy sources like electricity. Non-renewable energies are exactly that, energy sources which won’t last forever.

If we have learnt anything over the last 5-10 years, it is that as a consumer you can expect to pay a premium for products which are fleeting. Electricity is no different and prices will soon begin to rise. Avoid the inevitable and save yourself the money long term by switching to solar now.

3. Incentives and rebates

Business should make the switch to solar, if not for the avoidance of longer term costs, then for the potential incentives or rebates. As mentioned earlier, businesses can profit by lowering the footprint of commercial consumption of nonrenewable energy sources.

If you install certain solar systems, your business could be eligible for an incentive payment or a rebate of sorts. These incentives may not replace operating profit but they certainly don’t hurt any business’s bottom line.

4. Great PR

Being green isn’t just for the incredible hulk anymore. In fact, it’s becoming more and more expected by customers, investors and many members of the general public. As a business owner, using solar power will not only help keep bills down, it also look great in marketing materials and when pitching to prospects.

Thousand of year reports or media reports about your business become a whole lot easier to read and follow if you’re coming from a standpoint of being a green business. If your customers know your support a reduction in the carbon footprint, they make just make a few more footprints to your cash register.

5. Employee engagement

Not only will your customers feel a whole lot better about shopping with you, but your employees will feel a lot better about working for you.

It isn’t just the current employees either. Job seekers are now considering a potential employer’s environmental stance when choosing where to apply or work so public image has never been more important. Solar power may help you attract even better talent to help grow your business, yet another reason to make the switch.

6. Get paid if you are a high user

If your business is a high consumer of traditional energy like electricity, then switching to solar could not only save you money, but might even make you money. Some cities will actually pay your business money for the power you normally would have used, when on electricity, that you now save because of solar power. In effect, you are feeding energy back into the grid, something you may even get paid for.

Solar power can have a number of measurable financial and environmental benefits for your business. It can save you money, help make you more attractive to you customers or even potential employees. If you are on the fence then take these six reasons and make the switch to solar power for your business today.


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