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Analytics Solves the Most Insidious Climate Change Research Paper Challenges

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Academics have been studying the impact of climate change for years. Unfortunately, some climate change models are still imperfect, which makes it difficult for experts to make compelling arguments that will change the minds of skeptics.

Fortunately, new advances in analytics are facilitating research on climate change. This will help advance research in the environmental science fields and introduce new solutions to global warming.

Big Data is the Driving Force Behind Climate Change Research

Big data is playing a role in a number of fields. The field of environmental research is no exception. One of the most overlooked benefits of big data is its applications in writing research papers on climate patterns.

Last year, The Writing Cooperative published an article on some of the key benefits of big data in writing research papers. They focused on the value of using big data consulting services to create the best headlines, but there are many other uses as well.

People in the environmental research profession should take these developments to heart.

Is Big Data the Key to Writing Much Better Research Papers on Climate Change??

A research proposal is a very important constituent of any study, especially in a topic like climate change. It is as essential as the paper itself. Its goal is to reflect the core idea or problem of a proposed investigation. A researcher also suggests some solutions or opens the door to further exploration of the subject. The college board evaluates it and decides whether to let a person write it or not. That is why a student should perform it properly. Since climate change is  complex phenomenon that is very politically divicive, it is important to make sure that the topic is well defined.

This is one of the best uses of big data. You can use big data to get a better understanding of the topic and articulate it more effectively.

Research Proposal Writing: Main Things to Include

There is a standard structure of any type of research proposal borrowed from expert academic writers from Advanced Writers, professional writing company. They pointed out that there are a number of ways that big data can help:

  1. Title. One should remember that a proposal is not the same as the research paper itself. It is a reduced rough copy (up to 2,500 lexical units). Students might change this title. Its purpose is to mirror the key points of the intended research to the committee. Anyway, it should be striking and attract attention.  As The Writing Cooperative also pointed out, big data can help you come up with the best title. For climate change papers, a topic could be something like “Correlation Between Bangladeshi Cattle Production and Global Carbon Emissions.”
  2. Abstract. It is a brief retelling of the future research. It must be no longer than a hundred words and include questions a student intends to answer or problems a researcher aims to solve. IBM has also shown that big data is great for coming up with an abstract. They pointed out that Hollywood uses big data to learn more about the content it will be pushing.  This needs to be be even more compelling in the environmental science fields.
  3. Background. When conducting research, a person relies on the already existing viewpoints and data. It is necessary to present the context within which a student will try to answer questions or solve problems.
  4. Questions. Each research aims at answering some concrete question. It is very essential to make it neither too broad nor too narrow. The question also provides methods required for a successful result.
  5. Methodology. A method is a way one chooses to conduct research. It can be interviewing, visiting archives, testing, field work, investigating libraries, etc.
  6. Value. This constituent gives a chance to evaluate the intention. If the innovation is worthy, the committee will surely confirm the application.
  7. Literature. This section informs about literature a researcher is going to study and apply.

5 Worst Mistakes in Writing Research Papers on Climate Change

There are things everybody should avoid when writing a professional research proposal.

  1. A thesis statement is a sentence (2 maximum) which mirrors the core idea of a research paper. Very often it resembles a long vague hypothesis that is useless in the eyes of a professor. This is particularly concerning in climate change research, because most research has been too broad.  If it is not precise and is poorly composed, the proposal has a chance to fail.  It is a good idea to use big data to learn more about the general subject to see if the hypothesis can be workable.
  2. Selection of methods is very important. Wrong methods lead to wrong or not exact results. It misleads everything. The definite problem demands a definite technique or approach. Unfortunately, not everyone can explain the purpose and right application of the chosen means for an investigation.  Big data can look at previous papers to identify the best methods.
  3. Poorly prepared bibliography section also provides a bad impression. First of all, some sources might not correspond to the requirements. For example, a great number of colleges do not consider Wikipedia to be a reliable resource because everybody can correct it. The second problem is an inadequate presentation of the order or incomplete list. A person should logically introduce bibliography. When it lacks evidence concerning the core of the thesis statement, the whole proposal will make no sense.
  4. One conducts research to discover something new, answer questions in a new way or in case they lack answers. Some individuals often forget to present the value of the research. Others are not able to explain its significance. Conviction is a real art. This element needs many efforts and much time. It is better not to send the proposal in case it does not sound convincing.
  5. Bad choice of the topic belongs to common mistakes students make. Is there any reason to write about iPhone 3 when there is an iPhone 10? The topic must be up-to-date and cover urgent problems, unexplored areas. It must kill doubtful data and present proofs. It is not a secret, people spend many days, weeks, months and even years looking for a good topic. It is also important to be able to explore it. One should not overvalue abilities.

Ways to Improve Your Research Proposal

Those who desire to obtain a Master’s degree, Ph.D., or any other degree, should write a research proposal that will surpass all expectations. Experts from research proposal writing service recommend doing the following:

  • Choosing one but the most worthy idea out of all one possesses.
  • Providing more value and less literature review because it is not a research paper yet.
  • The conclusion should not sound like it is final. There will be other researchers who will investigate this topic adding something new or even deny everything.
  • Selecting a topic that is really interesting for a student. There is no need to torture oneself. Today one can find so many issues to investigate. It might take some time to find that one. A person should brainstorm, study scientific publications, interview people connected with the chosen sphere (exact sciences, linguistics, etc.). As soon as the topic is chosen, research will never be a monotonous, dull and depressing issue.
  • One more thing to remember is the word limit. Each sentence must stick to the point and hit the target.

Professionals suggest avoiding topics a researcher does not understand. Otherwise, each step will be so hard that one would give up or do it anyhow. It is better not to start the process one is not capable to handle and finish.

The Internet contains so many good examples. An applicant could study examples by successful students. Professors can give some samples to read if a student asks. Professional assistance could come to one’s rescue. An individual can choose an editor or a writer who are able to suggest changes and improvements.

Big Data is the Key to Creating Excellent Climate Change Research Papers

Climate change is a complex field, so you need to make sure that papers are well written. Creating an excellent research paper isn’t always going to be easy. There are a lot of ways that big data can help. Data technology is especially beneficial when it comes to defining your proposal.

This article has been written by Anthony Arnold, he has been working in the cargo industry for years and has a thing for the environment. By writing such advice he wants to play his part in saving mother earth.


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