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Blue & Green Daily: Monday 10 February headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

UK ethical fund value grew more than 20% in 2013

The wrong side of the tracks? The charity helping India’s railway children

UK environmental research body signs partnership with oil giant Shell

British explorer completes Robert Falcon Scott’s ill-fated Antarctic journey

UK weather: heavy rainfall and severe gales means southern disruption continues


February 10 headlines

Political row deepens as 14 flood warnings in place on Thames

Fourteen severe flood warnings were in place along the River Thames early Monday as the head of the Environment Agency accused critics of the public body of being politically motivated. AFP.

Ed Davey calls for investigation into energy companies’ gas profits

The energy secretary, Ed Davey, has urged the energy regulator to look into the profits being made by the Big Six energy companies through supplying gas. Guardian.

UK weather: Floods threaten to spread as Army scrambles to help bolster defences with yet more storms on the way

Serious flooding is likely to spread to the Thames Valley within days, the Government warned today as hundreds of soldiers were put on standby to protect threatened communities by building up sea and river defences. Independent.

Barclays blasted over ‘catastrophic’ theft of thousands of customer files

Barclays is under scrutiny by regulators and could face a hefty fine after thousands of confidential customer files were stolen in a data breach described as catastrophic by an adviser to the business secretary, Vince Cable. Guardian.

Thousands of rogue bankers sacked since financial crisis

Almost six thousand bankers, brokers and financial advisers in Britain have been sacked or suspended for dishonest or reckless conduct since the start of the financial crisis. Times.


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