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Campaigners criticise political parties for failing green policies



Seven of the biggest campaign groups in the UK have criticised the three main political parties for failing to implement strong and coherent policies that will address climate change.

A coalition of campaigners, which includes WWF, Friends of the Earth, Wildlife Trust, Greenpeace and RSPB, published a report on Friday which reviews the political leadership of each of the three main parties on environmental policies since the 2010 general election.

The report, ‘Green Standard 2013‘, highlights four key areas; the environment, the economy, communities and international leadership. 

It says that the Conservatives, despite David Cameron’s strong words at the beginning of his term in office, has “delayed the decision to set a decarbonisation target […] while pursuing gas intensive [strategies], and raising unrealistic expectations that fracking will bring UK energy prices down.”

It says that Labour has “yet to show how environment will sit in its emerging One Nation narrative”, but commends the shadow chancellor, Ed Balls, for committing Labour to putting low carbon infrastructure at the heart of its economic recovery plan.

The Liberal Democrats, according to the report, have shown a lack of clarity on their position to European targets, whilst showing a “worrying support for policies that damage wildlife.”

Commenting on the report, Matthew Spencer, director of think tank Green Alliance said, “In private our party leaders speak eloquently about the importance of environmental stewardship to their political mission, but they have rarely made the case publicly since the election.”

He added, “As a result the coalition has lost momentum as a reforming government seeking to be green. The opposition is raising its game, but has been slow to develop the policy ideas necessary to realise its ambition.

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