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City-based rooftop farms could revolutionise urban food sustainability



Sustainable food ventures, and the introduction of small-scale rooftop farms, could hold the key to urban food sustainability globally. Where there’s a rooftop there could reside an urban food farm.

Last week at an international environmental conference organised by Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), delegates and invited guests were exposed to a new concept of urban farming.

Dr Valentini Pappa, an SRUC researcher, is currently working with Zurich University of Applied Science and delivered a presentation at the event that explored the possibilities of urban farming – specifically aquaponic systems. In Zurich, Pappa and her team have been integral in devising a £500,000 aquaponic farm on a rooftop in the city of Basel.

This newly completed aquaponic complex has the capability of producing 5,000kg of vegetables and 800kg of fish each year. The facility came to fruition after a partnership was formed with Urban Farmers.

Speaking at the conference, Pappa said, “Aquaponics can help secure food security by increasing the food production within an already used space, and because the food is grown so locally these systems are very low in food miles.

The role of aquaponics in sustainable food production has been highlighted before on Blue & Green Tomorrow, with considerations being given towards how this farming method could enhance the efficiency of sustainable agriculture operations.

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