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eco-friendly farmers should use cattle tags eco-friendly farmers should use cattle tags


Eco-Friendly Farmer Guide to the Best Ear Tags for All Cattle Ages

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Eco-friendly farming has become a lot more popular in recent years. We have previously talked about the benefits of eco-friendly farming.

However, we haven’t talked as much about the strategies that you need to take if you want to be an eco-friendly farmer. We mentioned that growing plants is better for the environment, since plants are going to have a lower carbon footprint. However, there is a lot more to eating sustainable and eco-friendly agriculture than following a vegan diet.

You can still be an eco-friendly farmer if you raise cattle and other livestock. However, you need to lower your carbon footprint as much as possible.

One of the most important things that eco-friendly farmers need to do is use their livestock as efficiently as possible. They have to keep track of it and avoid letting it go to waste.

Therefore, eco-friendly farmers need to use things like cattle tags. They are both helpful for promoting sustainability by avoiding cattle going to waste and are more 3ethical as well.

Benefits of Cattle Tags for Eco-Friendly Farmers

Ear tags are rapidly becoming the top way to label your cattle.  They are more sustainable, more humane than hot or ice branding and more visible than tattooing, these tags have a lot of pressure to be perfect.

How do you pick the perfect tag, though?

These are the top things to consider when deciding on the best ear tags possible and why each of these items matters.

Must Be Water and Smudge Proof

These ear tags will be worn between six months to ten years.  These have to last and stay strong against water and weather.  If, after six months, the information printed on them is illegible, then they’re completely worthless.

Try to find tags that either come with pre-printed numbers and labeling or have an easy way to label and update your animals.

Must Be Sturdy Plastic

Sturdy plastic is the only way to go when it comes to cattle ear tags.  Allflex ear tags are a great example of this because they’re both sturdy and slightly flexible so that the animal doesn’t harm themself while getting used to it.

Unfortunately, many cattle accidentally tear out ear tags or break them if they’re not made from the right materials, so you must make a good choice.

Should Be Clearly Labeled

You should be able to gather all of the information you need from these tags at a glance.  Their color should be one that you picked to serve the purposes you need.  Many ranchers choose to put them into categories by both year and gender.  From here, you also need to read either the numbers printed on the tag or whatever information you put on it.

Although less is more here, thorough labeling could ensure that everything is quick and easy to reference.

Should Stand Out And Be Noticeable

If the tags aren’t noticeable or don’t stand out: they’re not useful.  These tags should make it clear what you need to know from a distance. Then, you should use that tag to pull up ranching software or other programs necessary for tracking the animals. 

Clear and recognizable information like this ensures less time hunting down animals to keep up to date on them and more time spent taking care of these animals and ensuring that they’re thriving.

Should Come In Bulk or Large Amounts

Most ranchers have at least thirty animals, so small packs of two to five tags each aren’t going to cut it.

However, ear tags that can come in larger groups allow these ranchers to gather as many as possible and start labeling their animals sooner to be more easily recognizable and trackable. 

Should Be Easy To Apply

Although most ear tags are simple to apply, they could be better.  Seek out ear tags that come with an applicator designed for them, or have one that you can order at a fair price.

Some tags are one size fits all, but you want to ensure you have the perfect fit since it may affect the comfort levels of the animals.

Cattle Tags Are Ideal for Eco-Friendly Farmers

Eco-friendly farmers need to behave ethically and avoid having their cattle go to waste. There are a variety of things that farmers should do to operate more sustainably. One of the best things they should do is use cattle tags.

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