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Study: Australia will see more extreme weather because of climate change



A study by the Australian Climate Commission has highlighted potential future problems related to rising temperatures and climate change and said that Australia will experience more heavy droughts, heat and rainfall as a result.

Climate change is already increasing the intensity and frequency of many extreme weather events, adversely affecting Australians”, says the report, which comes after Australia experienced record high temperatures in January this year.

Only strong preventive action now and in the coming years can stabilise the climate and halt the trend of increasing extreme weather for our children and grandchildren.”

It says that despite the fact extreme events may occur naturally, climate change is making them more frequent. Droughts, bushfires, heat, heavy rain, cyclones and sea-level rise are just some of the phenomena that are likely to increase and require urgent action.

Extreme weather events affect the lives of thousands of people, destroy ecosystems and significantly impact the economy, especially in food-growing regions.

The report explains that only cutting greenhouse gases emissions will save Australia from a long-term future of natural disasters.

The world is already moving to tackle climate change”, the report adds.

Ninety countries, representing 90% of global emissions, are committed to reducing their emissions and have programs in place to achieve this. As the 15th largest emitter in the world, Australia has an important role to play.”

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