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Film review: Sir David Attenborough’s The Truth About Climate Change (2008)



In this two-part documentary, Sir David Attenborough undertakes a journey to discover how global warming is changing the planet. Over the course of the programme Attenborough asks, “What is the future of our world?”

The Truth About Climate Change is split into two sections. The first half looks at the evidence for global warning in a bid to establish what is causing it. Attenborough examines a variety of events, from Hurricane Katrina to swarms of insects enveloping an African village, to determine the cause and relation between them.

In the second half of the series, Attenborough assesses the predictions for global warning and how we can lessen the future impact, The programme investigates some of the possible future scenarios, including rising sea levels and an increase in disease, and the effect they could have.

The content is well-balanced and fast-moving with the facts laid out for viewers to form their own opinion. The show demonstrates how many animals, plants and ecosystems are at risk as well as millions of humans.

The footage throughout the programme is what you would expect from an Attenborough programme, with good narration and stunning visuals. It offers a good overview of climate change and a clear message on the impact we are causing, but most importantly, what can be done.


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